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women empowerment ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Mia - #BestAtWork

[Music], [Music], [Music]. to those who live in their little bubble that a girl can't juggle between the office and the home because they think it'll be such a struggle. well, it's the last thing on my mind. [Music]. and how some colleagues get a kick by shooting their mouth too quick about how i'm getting ahead just because i'm a chick. it's the last thing on my mind. or that question that everyone seems to have on their face about why i act like i own the place. it seems like they're fragile egos. i bruise with my views because they think i'm getting too big for my shoes. yeah, i'm just an intern but acting like one. it's the last thing on my mind. [Music]. the catch that we shouldn't have a screaming match, that debate whether a girl should work late. they fuss that market visits to tier three towns are not for us. [Music]. oh, how heavy these boxes are. and, honestly, should girls be going to such a bar? really, it's the last thing on my mind. and whoever came up with this silly notion that a girl should dress according to her profession? it's the last thing on my mind. or how, just by telling a few dirty jokes, i become less of a woman and more of a bloke big deal. [Music]. we are not long term is something they believe, because soon we'll get married and go on maternity leave. i'm sorry, i think they forgot to inform me. that's the last thing on my mind. [Music]. [Music]. and how they sit and smirk that if a girl looks good, she's probably not good at her work. it's the last thing on my mind. the only thing on my mind is to bring my best to work. mia, work, wear jewelry. you.

"When I Play" Women's Empowerment Ad by espnW / Clio Award Winner / Motivational / Inspirational

to whom it may concern. what i'm doing here is not for you, not for your judgment or your appraisal, not for your assessment or your arousal. no boy i know has ever been told he shouldn't play, couldn't play [Music]. i am no longer interested in shouldn'ts or couldn't or rules not written for me. i am not worried about getting too big or too strong, or too fast or too full of myself. i do not agree that playing like a man is a compliment. what i'm doing here is not for you. movement is a movement. my effort, my ambition, my desire for me, for every woman, every girl who dares to see herself as something more than a body to be rated, a score to be kept. when i play, i keep my own score. when i play, i know who i am. when i play, i forget how it feels to be boxed in, to be boxed out. when i play, i feel no shame. when i play, i remember how it feels to be free [Music]. this court, this field, this world, too small to hold me. when i play, i know i won't be undone, i won't be unsung. my humility, my humanity, my movement, a movement. this is not the end of my dream. this is where i, where i, where i, where i am, where i wake up [Music] you.

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Women react to #Femvertising empowerment Ads

if I start singing, just cut the camera. lady in a bikini going swimming: all the camera is focusing subjects if they stop, doctor is. this girl can just wear number clothes, it's okay. I don't care what I look like when I'm exercising. it is. why should I care what I look like when I'm exercising? I'm exercising, this is so me in the gym, I juggle, therefore, I am okay. Hey, so she's in love with her body and loves the way she feels and how she feels. no, that's how. whoever's looking doesn't really care. sweating like a pig? well, yeah, feeling like a. there are so many people, but no Asian. it just makes me miss sports so much. it's like too much. so what? I'm a girl, I can't go to the gym, so what? I like it? I like give a damn right, hello, coach. this is how I feel sometimes when I'm at the gym and I'm kind of jogging and everyone's like looking at me and I feel so huge. I don't like everyone by a very short stops making it all about women and driving their tension, but it's like we couldn't do it before. yes, we can do it. yeah, it's a feeling to me. yeah, no, I like it. I like the song hello, yep, okay, it's about females being empowered. he doesn't really prove a point. how many men do you know that? how is that? I didn't know. that was really inspiring. the idea that she was especially the bit about: sure I can jiggle, I still do. I want she doesn't really care. none of them did. I feel like this advert is so much focused like we are trying to prove something. we don't have to prove anything. yeah, no, I like this advert. I mean what I'm really like analyzing it, like Hinata, if it was just on the telly, I'd be like it's okay, okay, panting. oh it's Selena. Oh, Selena Gomez, she's so cute, I love her. I mean, it can't do anything. strong hair can do anything. oh my gosh, look at that walk. so much confidence. it's strong here, I can do absolutely anything. do you think? just like you tomorrow, just like, oh, my god, I like thoughts. it's throw beautiful, strong is beautiful. what do I think? I agree, I don't know. I just think it's really generic and boring. yeah, I wanna buy this shampoo. I love it, and I love the song as well. it's a really good song. it's just really bland. strong hair- try and be creative with your advertising, please. strong hairs, hair. I mean, here's a dead material, you can't just cut it. you guys do do stuff. how did I just say that I love the side? what does it mean to you? something right, it makes me really sad running. I can't go this, definitely not like that. excuse me, that's not true. and she's being all feeble and like dainty and graceful because that's how women to be, even the men- are doing it. oh my god, this is actually ridiculous. I do not throw like this. we ask young girls the same question. you really have to be careful of things you say to girls at young age, because it's gonna resonate in their mind for years. I like this part. yeah, you run seekers a little. oh, that's more like it, girl, that's more like it, yes, and they're just doing it because that's how you throw. be confident. yeah, it does. when did something like a girl coming in? so it's not an insult, it's so good because she found the horse, sir, you see yourself, I like that still being first because I am a girl. yes, yes, exactly, I'm proud to be a girl. it's not, it's not something I should be ashamed of or embarrassed about. being a woman is something I should be confident about, and it is something I'm confident about. many people can think when they watch this one, they change mind. it's like we're not expected to reach the same goals. I guess let's make like go me in amazing things- and this goes into so many different things- like really sexist jokes or like rape jokes, like don't make them, because it's all part of the language that we use. language is so important. being a girl is not something we should be ashamed of. being a woman isn't something we should be ashamed of or something we should take pride in, because women are amazing, so you have confidence in yourself. so if they say you tok, like a girl, I know I am it, go deal with it. don't you like it tough? you still have to listen. if they say you're right, like a woman, am I not gonna get where I'm going? of course I'm gonna get there. I said woman. no, I said girl, I'll get there. [Music].

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Sabhyata Diwali '22 | #RedefiningCelebration

You are next, So just have a seat. here you go. Would you like some paranthas? Have it. no, it’ homemade, try it. have it with the pickle. Is this your last round? Lot of interviews are happenning here. What do they ask? How long have you been married? What does the husband do? When do you intend to plan family with girls? these are the usual questions. They don’t look at the CV. Is this your first job? No, No, I’m serving notike period First. That’s why the notike They make me sit the entire day were not giving me any work, so I resigned before they asked me to. shouldn’t have told them hard to hide these things? What are you going to tell him? I shouldn’t tell him later. Yes, I can work 6-7 months. Why sit idle all this while Diwali Gift I’ll get another one for myself? no, no, take it, You’ll make it. Thank you, I have to go, Excuse me. So How did it go? The interview? Just give me a minute.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think (6mins)

[Music]. i always thought people were so cute and they have the little cheeks and they're like rosy. but mine are pretty plain. if i was gonna change one feature about my face, i would say that i would want fuller lips. i'm definitely a person that looks tired. when i'm tired and when people say that immediately i'm like: oh man, i'm starting to already get little crow's feet and stuff, which, like my mom has. so i'm a forensic artist. i was trained at the fbi academy in 1993 in composite art work for the san jose police department as the police artist from 1995 to 2011.. we didn't really know what we were doing, so that was nerve-racking for everyone. i showed up to a place i had never been and walked into this big warehouse and at the very end there was a guy with his back to me with a drafting board. i had a curtain separating me so that i don't see him. we'll begin first of all. tell me about your hair: brown long, i guess a little bit past my shoulders. your jaw- my mom told me i had a big jaw. the other brown eyebrows, dark brown eyebrows. i didn't know what he was doing, but then i could tell after several questions that he was drawing me. tell me about your chin. i guess i haven't really compared it to anyone else's chin, but, um, especially when, like, i smile, i just feel like it kind of protrudes a little bit: [Music], what would be your most prominent feature? i kind of have a fat, rounder face. the older i've gotten, the more freckles i've gotten. you sort of realize, oh man, now i i have to tok about myself and and and think about my looks. i'm 40, so i'm starting to get a little bit of the crow's feet thing going on. um, [Music], once i get a sketch, i say thank you very much and then they leave. i don't see them. i still didn't know. all i had been told before the sketch was to get friendly with this other woman, chloe, today i'm going to ask you some questions about a person you met earlier and i'm going to ask you some general questions about their face. she was thin, so you could see her cheekbones, and her chin was a nice thin chin. the women were really critikal about moles or scars or things like that, and yet they were describing just a normal beautiful person. she had nice eyes. they lit up when she spoke and were very expressive. the length of the nose. what is that? like a short, short, yeah, cute nose. her face was fairly thin. she had blue eyes, very nice blue eyes, okay, [Music]. so here we go. so this is your self-described image. and then somebody else described you and i did this sketch: [Music]. i have this whole thing about having dark circles and crow's feet around my eyes and that was not part of the sketch at all. that the stranger did the strangers was a little more like gentle. [Music]. that's pretty different. [Music], which is very strange. [Music]. she looks closed off and fatter. she just looks kind of shut down, sadder too. the second one is more beautiful. i think they're catching more of that from you. yeah, yeah, she looks more open and, um, friendly and [Music] happy. i've come a long way in how i see myself, but i think i still have some way to go. [Music] [Applause]. [Music], i have some work to do on myself. do you think you're more beautiful than you say? yeah, chloe's perception was so, so clearly different. her picture looked like somebody i thought i would want to tok to and be friends with, like a happy light, much younger, much brighter person. it's troubling. i should be more grateful of my natural beauty. it impacts the choices in the friends that we make, the jobs we apply for, how we treat our children. it impacts everything. it couldn't be more critikal to your happiness. [Music]. our self-perceptions are generally kind of harsh and unbecoming when really that's not how the world sees us. we spend a lot of time as women analyzing and trying to fix the things that aren't quite right, and we should spend more time appreciating the things that we do like. [Music] you.

women empowerment and inspiration Ads -Every woman needs to see this 👧

hi everyone, my name is Jen cabinda and with me here is precious. today we will tok about women empowerment. basically, educating a woman is one of the strongest way not only to improve their gender equality, but as well to promote economic growth and the health development of families as well, to develop our community and our, our nation's, at life. first, the first reason is poor women. they have the right- so each and every man, we believe they have the right- to have education, to to accede to their levels of their goals, like to have degrees, have bachelor's. in all women's they have the right to to be safe from violence, to be self. also to have the access to health service and the family partikipation in the community and also, according to one of the roles from Zambia, which is protection of women rights. in Zambia, it's also says women, they have rights to have land. so I don't know how is it in Zimbabwe. thank you so much. so, according to the local Constitution, section chapters- chapter 2, section- please, buddy- the state must promote food gender balance in the suburban society, ensuring space for the full partikipation of women in all spheres of the Philippine context as well as as with men. okay, going to the reason number two, where are women supposed to be empowered? is because when you empower a woman, which means the families will be more healthy. when, when women educated and employed, families a healthier of all, all of us. I think we know that. if you didn't know, this is for you. development experience has shown, totally deliberately, policies and programmatik strategies aimed at natural in women's health and the well-being across the lifecycle of ritual for realizing the full potential of women and girls, there will be, there will be more healthier families. more specially, when in the family have the woman is educated, they'll be able to know what type of news to provide for the family. they'll be able to know what type of nutrients which are necessary for the family, which means if you educate a woman, they will save a lot of people coming men, then women, because, as you know, in our families back in Africa, a lot of people who work on teaching, buying food stuffs, yeah, women. so if your man is a jet, that is easy for them to balance the healthy for all the family members. and I don't know what to think about it. yeah, going back to what you were saying, like if women- because women already have- then naturally have that role of providing for the family, especially in terms of food. so if that woman is educated, she's able to understand all the physics of a balanced diet, the amount of nutrients that you need, and she'll be able to provide odors, yeah, and also an illuminated. they have the capacity to speak up for themselves, like when they face challenges, when someone is treating them lonely. they have the right like they, they know they are right and they can speak up for themselves. yeah, going to reason number three: women. they help like to develop economy, economy into our community, into our countries. come to nationally- or let me just say what one, because I believe forty percent of women there are. they helped to develop, like their work in agriculture, and you find the same women. they are the one who take a lot of activities, like to take care of their homes, and also the same women, finicky their work in the field. they work also in sending all those moods and all the services of producing. they also among that. so that is one of the other reasons why shooting women- and I don't know, do we have any other? yeah, just anyone- to what you are saying, that we scientists. you find that, for example, the house, on top of that, she's going to the [Music] we are going to in, while creating it creates that. so we have all had the African problem. when you educate a man, you educate an individual. went back to the other reason why we should empower women is because we are fighting to break the cycle of poverty in our country. in the only way that we can achieve this is through women in politiks. this does not just start with empowering women, but it goes back to started to empowering young girls, and we came to only achieve this through education. when we educate young girls, we empower them with tools that will import, that would enable them to access opportunities. for example, when women, we, when young girls and young women are educated, they then have access to finance through having financial literacy, and this will remember them to acquire us that business and then create employment for their communities- another opportunity. so yeah, basically, in my opinion, I think education is a very important element in terms of women empowerment is per se, because, based on is personal experience, I think that the more that we are trying to include women, the more we are firing, advocating for women inclusion in economy, in developing economies, in, you know, just developing the world. it is very important because you open up opportunities for them. education open up opportunities. it gives this exposure that you know, use up our confidence and it deals with some sort of self esteem. I'll give it an example. like my example, being educated has given me what has increased the knowledge and now that I have- I've been educated in this agricultural sector, I'm quite confident that I can go out there and I can be part of the educational sector and I can stand, I can, you know, make the economy grow. so, in many ways, women being educated in various other sectors means it's an increase in their involvement and, you never know, based on our nature, naturally, woman has a caring nature and women has this, you know, producing nature. so investing in woman in terms of knowledge and education is investing in the world, like pressures was saying and as you were saying earlier. so it is quite important, it's a very important element to educate women. so, yeah, I mean that perspective. I would say like it is important if an important aspect of women get educated. okay, as you all have hid from us. so please, let us escape our fellow women because we believe like if they are educated, everything is going to change. and let us believe as we do, let us try to be independent and have self-esteem. thank you very much for being with us. [Music].