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wordle with no ads

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Jimmy Fallon Attempts to Play Wordle | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

-Guys, and I'm serious about this, Please don't spoil this, okay, But if anyone played Wordle today, don't tell me what it is. [ Cheers and applause ]. Don't tell. -- You did play. Don't tell me, I want to play Wordle right now. -Right now. -Right now. -Did you do it? -I didn't do it this morning. -Me neither Did you do it. -Yeah, -Alright, you did it. Alright. so, Higgins, you can't play. -Z, No, -You ruined it. So you know the game Wordle. [ Cheers and applause ]. If you don't know it, it's some website. you got to go to some wordleuk or something. You guess the first five letters, right, And if you're close, it gives you a yellow square. If you're completely correct, they give you a green square. -Right, -But I think we can play together. -Okay, -Right, -Let's do this. [ Cheers and applause ]. -So is my screen. --, My screen will go up. This is my screen, so I can move the mouse There. you go right there. Okay, -Roll the dice, move your mice. -Alright, here we go. What's our first word? What do you normally go with? Quest? -I did "title" yesterday and I got it in three guesses. -Title: I usually go with "loved". -See, you're confident that a "V" is going to be in this word? -Oh, that's interesting. -I always do --. -That's in. -- -I always do "arise" -Arise -or "adieu" -Yeah, -Because that's got a lot of vowels in it. -Adieu -Mm-hmm -Nice. -Adieu, Is that a word? -Yeah, -Adieu. -I know ado, A-D-O, but adieu -Yeah, like --. -A-D-I, -- -I bid you a fond adieu -Nice. -Fond adieu. -Yeah, I'm sorry. Fondue -Fondue would be a word. That's too many letters. It's five letters. Alright, so let's --. What are you thinking? Title, loved or adieu? -I like his arise better. -Do arise. -Alright, I'm going to do arise. Alright, here we go. -It's "R", "S", a bunch of vowels. You should be good. -Arise, This is our first word we're doing. Here we go. -Ooh, -Ooh, -Ooh, Alright, Yes, Alright. so it's "A". We got "A" is definite. That's a guaranteed letter. -That's exactly the right place. -Yes, that's exactly right, and "E" is somewhere in there. -Wow, no, "R", "I", "S" in it. -No, -Wow, -Alright. so now --. So it's "A", definitely, And there's an "E" in there somewhere. So it's "A", blank "E". I'm assuming "A", "H" -- No, Achoo. -I thought the same thing. -What? -I thought the same thing. -What do you think? -But there's no "E" in "achoo". -The "E" is in. -- That's true, There's no "E" in achoo. All, All, App, Aet, An, An sounds like something A-N-E. -Awake, -Awake. -No, 'cause the E's in the wrong spot. -Higgins, you can't --. -I'm just saying the rules. I'm not saying you're close, I'm saying the rule. You don't want to guess that, because the "E" -- You'd blow the "E". -So words usually end with "D". -Ahead, -Ahead, Let's try that. Ahead. -[ Imitates buzzer ]. -Oh, -Hmm, -So it's definitely the second-to-last letter. -Yeah, -The "E" is definitely the second-to-last letter. -Yes, that's correct, It has to be. So the "E" is definitely the second. so --. -With no "R" and no "D" added. Wow, That's crazy. -No "D" in there either. Ahead, So it's "A", blank, blank, "E", blank, E-R, Adhere. -Nope, We got a "R" right there in "arise". I'm just saying The rules of the game, I'm not cheating. -I almost want Higgins' microphone to be turned off just because: -No, he's right. -We've gotten this far. No one spoiled it. -Alright, -He's right, He's right. -I know he's right, He's right, He's right, He's Alright. ad --, ad --. -What could follow? an "E" that's not "S", "R" or "D"? -"T" -A, "P", -"T", -"T", "T", E-T -Phone home. -I don't think it's E-T, It's "E". -"N", -"N", Oh Again. -Ah, -No. [ Audience groans ]. -Sorry, sorry, Hey, sorry, Gosh. -Alright, Oh, my gosh, I'm just suggesting something. What? Alright Quest? what do you think? -Ah, damn, It's too much pressure. -I know? -I thought it was going to be "aware", but it's not. no. -Awake -Awake. -Mnh-mnh. -No, the "E" has got to be before the --. It's in the middle. -Annex. -Annex -Mnh-mnh. -Geez, That's really tricky. I mean, what day is today, Thursday? Should it be this hard? -No, it was a hard one. -This is too hard. Quest. maybe just stop playing the drums and just focus. -Yeah, -Get your head in the game. -Okay, -Come on. -Annex -Judas Priest. -Annex On a Thursday. [ Laughter ]. Of course not Annex, That's a Sunday word. -It's cool, It's cool. -Annex, -It's cool. I meant --. -It's not cool, I'm so upset. -We're progressing right now. We're good, We're good. -Okay, okay, okay, Don't freak out. [ Laughter ]. -Asked -Asked. I got to zone out, So you got --. Look at those letters left. So -"F" -"F". I mean. now I'm hoping for spoilers. -Alley, -Alley. Oh yeah, that feels like a Thursday. Alley. [ Drumroll ]. Ooh -Oh. -[ Laughs ]. -Ashey, Ashey, No, no, no, There's an "S" in it. -Ashey -No, no, no. -Abbey -Yeah, -Yeah, "Downton Abbey". I feel that way. I feel that -- It's England, This thing is UK -- wordleuk, I think it's "abbey". -Really Okay. -You don't think it's "abbey"? -It could be. I mean, isn't that a proper noun, Like, are proper nouns allowed? or -Abbey? -I mean --? -No, it's allowed. -Let's try. abbey, You guys agree Abbey? [ Cheers and applause ]. [ Drumroll ]. -Oh, I think it's really allowed. [ All cheering ]. ♪♪. -Whoo-hoo, Yeah, Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Thank you.

I Built a Program to Beat WORDLE Every Time

i just read it the other day, but i don't even know what it means. yeah, you're such a faker. so that guy's my friend from college back in the day. his name's wolf, pretending you know what this word is, but really i never pretended to know it. i'll bring wolf back into the video after we've gotten some other stuff out of the way. today i'm going to tok about how i scrutinize the nuts and bolts of a wordle to build an undefeatable computer ai to beat it every time. but in order to get there first, we're going to have to dive into the exact details of how wordle colors in the letters of your guess. next we'll tok about some simple strategies to improve your gameplay. oh, you're totally right. i'll let him play the game a little bit, see if he's any good. i helped him out a little bit too. and then, of course, the most exciting part is: i want to show you how i built a program to beat wordle, and i'll also show you how well it works by running it lots and lots of times. and finally i'll explain how am i digging around? i kind of accidentally figured out how to predict the world solution for any day in the future. there's a lot to explore, so let's jump right into it. so have you played this game before? i've never played it. do you understand how the game works? no, okay, so for wolfe and anyone else who doesn't know, every day the secret word is updated to a new five-letter word that is the same for everyone playing the game. you have up to six turns to guess it. the game tells you which letters of your guest word are correct, which are in the word but in the wrong place, and which are not in the word at all. that's it, something about. the simplicity of whirl makes it incredibly fun to play and also devilishly addicting. i'm a human. i can understand how this coloring system works, but how does a computer do it? well, the first thing is that if there's a letter in the right position in the word, it will always color that green. there's never a time when the letter is positioned correctly in the word and it also appears somewhere else in the word, and so word will decide to color that yellow because it's referencing the other letter. green always beats out over yellow. what happens when there's cases of the same letter appearing more than once in a word? how does it color that situation? so let's call the word, i try the guessword and the actual word the truth word. let's say those words are yes and truth. well, the first thing wordle is going to do is it's going to check all the letters in the same positions. first, g. is that the same as t? no, is u the same as r? is e the same as u? is s the same as t? is s the same as h? we didn't get any greens. greens are the first to happen. next, what wordle does is. it goes for yellows. so it checks: is g the same as t? we've already checked that one. no, is g the same as r? is g the same as u? is g the same as t, etc. none of those match. so it moves on to the next letter in the guess word, u. is u the same as t? is u the same as r? is u the same as you? ah ha, yes, it is. that means the letter u in guess should be colored yellow. now we're going to do one other thing, and this is important. we're going to cross out the u in the word truth, because we've already used it, it's already been accounted for and it continues like this at the end of the process. anything not colored is just colored gray. we find that all the letters are gray, except for you, which is colored yellow. okay, let's do one other example, just to make sure we have the hang of it. how about the words there and through? now, the t and the h are both green, and then the first e is yellow, so is the r, but the second e is gray. this is because the first e already got crossed out by the e and through. so what kind of strategies do we want to use for this game? for the first word, you want to pick words with lots of common letters to increase the chances of hitting something good. i personally like to use the word tears. the reason is t, a, r, e and even s are all fairly common letters that can appear in the word. it's tempting to use green letters in future guesses. however, there's no reason to specifically seek out words that have the given letter in that position. in fact, you're better off looking for words that don't have that letter in that position, because it will help you narrow down the options even faster. avoid placing a letter in the same spot. oh, you're totally right. a green space should be used in future guesses as a wild card to try out other potential letters that give you more information, unless you're playing in hard mode where you have to use all hints in your future guesses. okay, now it's time to put me and wolf against wordle. then we'll challenge my program to the same game, to race man against machine. another one is like raids. um, well, that went pretty well each. what about teach? okay, well, we got the a and i think it's going to end in e. where's that e? live, it could be at the beginning. maybe it's got to be at the beginning late. oh, juicy, what's words that end in eight? in eight? no, i n, a, t, no, doesn't like the i. why can't i think of words that end in eight? because eight is a number. let's figure out the consonants. okay, what are their consonants? we haven't done any m's or n's. mango, that's pretty good. a is the only one we know. i think that's a good one. let's try it. oh, okay, the g is really. it's almost like this one has to be a g, right, i think. so what? what could we put here? a gate, is that a word? a gate? oh, aj is a rock. all right, we've seen how wolf and i did. let's see how the ai does. okay, i'm going to start with my favorite word, tears, and then i'll type that into my algorithm and then also put in the numbers associated with the colors of tears. there are my results and it's suggesting delta as my next word. so i'll go ahead and put that in and then i'll repeat: tell it i use delta and the outcome: it's suggesting a robot next. so i'll do that. outcome is green, gray, gray, gray, yellow, and it already knows that the answer must be: add it and there you go. ai for splendid dan and wolfe. six phew, feels good to make an ai that's better at something than you are. okay, let's dive into my solver details. let's refer to the coloring of a small word: small when the large word is large, as the fingerprint left on large by small. so in the level i played with wolf, the 30 remaining words all of the same coloring as our guesswork, tears, because we have already eliminated the thousands of words that give tares the wrong fingerprint. so what happens once my algorithm tells us the next guessword of delta? well, we play the same game. the fingerprint left on delta is gray, yellow, gray, green, yellow. that allows us to eliminate all remaining words that would leave a mismatch fingerprint on delta. and when we examine those fingerprints we see quite a variety of options, but only four of those words yield matching fingerprints: a bait, acute, agate and ovate. next, the algorithm suggests a roba, which is enough to guarantee that the solution word is agate. can i ask a strategy question? yeah, there's. do we care about, like, getting the answer in as few guesses as possible? are we good just saying like, look, you got it in six, five guesses? that's a great question, wolf. i decided to build a very conservative player by caring more about avoiding worst case scenario than solving it in as few turns as possible. this is called a mini-max algorithm because it tries to minimize the maximum possible loss, which in this case, is the number of words remaining after the turn. at this point it's clear we would like to diminish the feasible set of words as quickly as possible. but how to do this? so, for example, the algorithm is just guessed dying and managed to reduce the number of suspects to three: gamma, laugh and magma. to figure out the next yes word, the algorithm will try out a large number of candidate guess words. for this example, those candidates are snake, angry and musky. let's score each of these candidate guesswords based on the worst case number of suspects. after our guess, let's start with snake. oh, that was unfortunate snake.

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12 Wordle Alternatives For Fans Of The Hit Word Puzzle Game | Erik Kain | Forbes Games

hi, welcome back to forbes games. i'm eric kane and, as you know, i've been toking about wordle a lot lately. everybody's been toking about wordle. it's the viral word puzzle game, uh, created by josh wardle for his wife as a pandemic gift. apparently, she likes word puzzles, like the crossword puzzle, and so he made this fun little game and released it back in october of 2021. by january of 2022, it had millions of players, and the new york times actually purchased it for a low seven figure sum. so that is a great american success story right there, uh. but today i wanted to tok a little bit about other games you can play if you know one word a day that wordle gives you is not enough, or if you're just like rediscovering your love for love for puzzle games. um, i have three categories that i'm going to tok about: wordle spin-offs, so games created over the past few months that are just direct sort of copycats, but in in a fun way, not in like trying to make a bunch of money way- as well as fun games at the new york times. since wordle is headed to the new york times, i thought i'd take a look at some of the other games they offer and tok about those a little bit. and finally, classics, board games, games you play in the real world rather than on your phone or computer. uh, so i have a list and i'll just go through it. um, we'll start with wordle spin-offs, and i just picked a few. there are so many it's i could. i could do a whole video just on wordle spinoffs, but i didn't want to only do that. so the first one is wordle unlimited, and you can look these up or i will have a link to my forbes artikle where i link to all of these in the description. so wordle unlimited is just wordle. it's the exact same game, except for that you can play it as many times as you want. so if you just want to practike your wordle skills and, just you know, play a couple hundred times a day or whatever floats your boat, wordle unlimited is for you. there's a couple different games. uh, one is word rodeo and one is my wordle. uh, link to both of those. these, these games, just basically let you create the word that needs to be guessed, so you come up with a word and you can send the link to your friends, to your family, to your enemies, whatever you want to do, and they have to guess the word- again six guesses, but you get to create it. so it adds a sort of competitive multiplayer aspect to the game. nerdl- nerdl is wordle, but for nerds, so so it's with numbers, i guess. uh is the only real difference here. i guess you could be a nerd and play wordle also, but nerdl is a numbers version of wordle and you solve for the numbers: um la palabra. if you haven't guessed it yet, this is that. that translates to the word in spanish, and this is a spanish language version of wordle, la palabra. so that's fun. i'm sure there are many other languages that have done the same thing, but spanish being an important language here in the united states, i thought i'd picked that one. and finally this one is the one i've had, uh, quite a bit of fun with, actually- and by fun i mean i hate it. it's dordle. dordle is a it's. it's just wordle, but there's two words and these words sit side by side and you have one and you still have six guesses total. so you have to solve two words, two five letter words at the same time with the same guesses. so i actually got this um i. my first guess was click and i ended up getting i c k right on the right hand word, uh, but only an l in the wrong spot on the left-hand word. so i tried to guess for the ick and it took me four total guesses to get quick and i had almost no letter still for the left hand word. but in the next couple guesses i did manage to to eke out feral as the correct word there the first time i played this. so that's stressful. i was stressed out by dordle. but if you want an extra challenge, this is more than twice as hard as wordle because you just have so many fewer chances and your brain gets all wrapped up in this. moving on to the new york times, where wordle will soon be located, maybe behind a paywall, maybe not. um, i played a few of these games. there's obviously the crossword puzzle. if you want to really get into, you know a challenge every day. but there's also the crossword mini. that's fun because instead of spending like a couple hours on this game, you just spend a few minutes and it's just a much, much smaller, simpler version of the crossword puzzle. a little more unique is spelling bee and it's spelled with two e's: spelling bee like a, like a, like a, b. this gives you like a honeycomb of letters, uh, and inside there's a letter that the middle letter of that honeycomb has to be used in every word you come up with. so you take these letters and you try to create words out of them, uh, and it's really, really, really challenging, actually, because you have to use that central letter and then there's just never- it never seems like there's quite enough letters to make the words you want to make, um, and you can come up with some pretty clever ones, but even i played this game a few times now and and i've come up with lots of words and still never finished out the entire puzzle. so this is extremely challenging. uh, they do offer hints and of course you can find the answers, but if you really really want a challenge, this is a good one. um, then there's a, uh, the letterbox letter boxed. this has a square with three letters on each side and you have to draw a line between letters to create words. so as you draw this line, you form, you form the word, and then the next word has to start wherever you ended up. so if there's like an x, don't make a word that ends with x, because it's really hard to start one with that letter. um, you try to use all the letters up in six words, or or fewer words. six or fewer words, um, this is not as challenging as spelling bee, but it does really definitely get uh, the puzzle brain going. um, all right. so moving on from the new york times, um, i, i have a category of board games and classics, right, so the game that that most resembles wordle is not a word game at all. it's called mastermind, and i don't know if you've played it, but basically you have colored pegs and one player sets up this, this row of four colored pegs, behind a screen so that the other player can't see which colors they are in which spots. the other player then puts colored pegs down in a row of guesses, very similar to wordle, and the first player will indicate whether these are in the right spot or the wrong spot, or just not the right peg at all, by placing little black and white, smaller pegs on the left, and these black, black and white indicate right spot, right color or right spot, wrong color, but it doesn't say which one. so it's actually very difficult. it's more difficult than wordle and it's competitive. so that's fun, um, but it doesn't use words. uh, if you haven't played bananagrams, this is a fun. this is a fun game. it's like scrabble, except with scrabble you play all on one board and everybody's words kind of build off of each other. but nanograms, everyone gets their own board, essentially, and you play in real time and it's very fast-paced. so instead of kind of taking turns, everyone's all playing it once and um. i won't go into all the rules, but basically you're constantly reshaping your words, changing your words, trying to use up your letters. as new letters come in, you'll have to reassess. so it's it's. it's very fast, it's very intense. it's like scrabble, but like compet, more competitive, more fast-paced and more exciting. it's very fun and you play with lots of different numbers of players, which is great. um, categories is another classic. this is one where you you're given a category and you're given a first letter of a word and you try to come up with as many words in that category that start with that letter as possible. and you can play in teams, you can play 1v1v1v1, you can play by yourself, if you really wanted to just test your own vocabulary. and i'll wrap things up with another classic: boggle: um i. i left out mobile games on purpose, because i can't stand how, how monetized they are. i can't st.

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HOW TO PLAY WORDLE! The Word Game Going Viral | How To Play and Strategies to Win!

hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. if you're new here, my name is claudia. thank you so much for watching today. today i want to tok about something that i've been loving lately, and that is wordle. if you have no idea what i'm toking about, it is a word game that has gone sort of viral on social media and you have to guess the new five letter word. every day there's a new word every day. you only get one word and it's the same word for everyone in the world. so i think that's probably why it's gone viral is because everybody wants to share how many guesses they got their word in. it's really fun, and i want to show you how to play and also some strategies you can use to successfully guess the word. if you like this video, while you're watching it, please give it a thumbs up and let's get started. so wordle isn't an app. i am hoping they make it one in the future, but for now it's just a website. so if you search for wordle on google, it's the first one to come up and here's what it looks like. you can play it on your computer or on your phone. i actually thought it was a crossword puzzle at first, but it's just six rows, so you get six guesses to get the five letter word. so if you click on the question mark, it will show you basically what to do. so you're going to type in a word and if one of the letters that you guessed is in the word and in the right spot, it'll turn green. if one of the letters is in the word but in the wrong spot, it will turn yellow, and if a letter is not in the word at all, it will turn gray. you also get no hints as to what the word is. it could literally be any five letter word. so let's start guessing. so i can actually show you how this works. so to start the game, you'll just type in any five letter word. it can be any word in the world- and if you want to erase your guess you can click the backspace button. but once you type in your guess and click enter, your guess is going to be submitted. so i actually started with about, because it has three vowels in it. so i wanted to kind of figure out what vowels were going to be in this word. so, as you can see, a will be in this word, but it is in the incorrect location. and the other four letters are not. so the next word i'm guessing is crave, because i wanted to guess another word with some more vowel. so i wanted an e and i knew that a was in a different location. so i put it in the middle of the word this time and, as you can see, that was the correct location for the a, and now i found out that c is also in the word. i also wanted to show you that if you type in a mixture of five letters that doesn't turn out to be a word, it will alert you that the word is not in the dictionary or the word list. so i will admit i did not know this word. that ended up being my next guess. but i did get a new letter, which was h, and i eliminated three more letters from the board with this word: shand. apparently it is a word more commonly used in the united kingdom. let me know, if you are watching this video and you're from the united kingdom, if this is a commonly used word. so with that i decided that with my next guess i was going to use that c that we know is in there, but not at the beginning of the word, and use it as one of my second to last letters and, looking at the board, there aren't a ton of letter options that can precede an h in a word. so, looking at my options, i decided it had to be a w and, thinking through some words that are w, h, a, c, i decided to go ahead and guess whack, and that, of course, was the correct word for today. and once you guess the word correctly, this little screen will pop up which will allow you to share your results with your friends and, as you can see, it'll just show the guest distribution. it won't actually show any of the letters, so you can share it with your friends without spoiling anything for them. so i believe that the best way to go is to try to figure out vowels as early as possible. so if you can figure out a five letter word with as many vowels as possible, that's gonna help. a word like audio has four vowels in it, so chances are you're gonna get a good idea of what vowels are in your word and you obviously want to guess words with new letters on each guess to eliminate as many letters as possible. so obviously there are 30 squares and 26 letters in the alphabet. so theoretikally, if you guessed new letters each time by the fifth guess, you'd have 25 letters used, and obviously you would probably know at that point what letters are in the word. let me know what other wordle strategies you have. let me know if you play this every day. if this was your first time playing, i really want this game to pop off because i really want them to make it an app so that i can play more. even though the guy who created it said he will never make it an app, i really, really hope it happens. so share this with everyone you know and get all of your friends to play wordle so we can get more of it in our lives. i know this was a short video today, but thank you so much for watching. i hope you enjoyed it. if you did, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe, and i will see you in my next video. bye. [Music].

WordGames Daily 220921

[Music]: good morning. today is September 21st 2022 and, as you can see, I do not open with Wordle as I usually do. that's because New York Times- somehow they meet necessary to put big headset on top of the screen and I cannot do that and publish the game. so it affected my workflow for today. so the unfortunate thing is that I will not be publishing chess game. you know, daily just came for today, so it's going to resume tomorrow. in the meantime, I decided to just keep working just as I skip called, which is, I cannot remove the ad and, well, I cannot push it on YouTube, because YouTube basically says: no, you cannot have ads on the show. show, that's about it then. so let's start occupied. expect ing: no, this is expect. this is input. uh, no, this double s here. specs and the six inputs: uh, none. pin and fight. this is album. [Music]: um, Sly huh rely. this is cheap. I think so. yes, room, room from my room, that's it. oh, sure, thank you. activity: uh, surfing, I believe, yes, oh, this is all by. obey, this is atoms, and except for that first hiccup there, everything's fine. that's good. next waffle: um, I'll just do this right here. T equals here and I believe this is character. there's an a over there now. this is crazy. this a double A over here. one of the a gonna go there, right? so this is Stalin. um, happy, uh, all right, can be ready, right? I'm looking at things. well, it's not raspberry and it can be Randy. Maybe I'm thinking red people, but I screen the better here or here if it's the a lot. yeah, no, this is like this. no, you see this. Okay, so this one, uh, what's this? CTR? uh, Cliff, maybe f right, uh, Randy, well, obviously that's not. huh, that's not an N over there or a c. so I was hoping this is going to be funny, but I think this is going to be fancy, the subs remaining all right, we're done. that's it for today. thank you for watching and I'll see you tomorrow.

Wordle June 10th, 2022 - Can you guess the word?

hello everyone, sean here once again. it is june 10th 2022 and we're back. another daily wordle, as always. please take a moment to like and subscribe. it really does help me a lot. but for now, let's get into today's puzzle. okay, with an eye and an e? not in that combo, not in that order. um, let's look at how. the word flyer? okay, not in that order either. what do we think? how about something like field? not going to be that, but if we put x, i, e in that combination, what could go there? we could have fiend. no, f is already out. you can always have something with a y in that. i guess another vowel as well. um, how about something like mints? let's try that out. all right, i goes there. where might the ego? the only thing ei would create would be the word eight, i believe. so that's not it, so e must go here. i'm wondering if this is the word piety we did mention earlier in the why? there it is, piety, awesome. i feel like coming away with a four on that is a little bit lucky. let's find out what wordlebot feels. not the easiest word to get. 93, skill, mediocre luck, 49, as usual, all right. 114, 13, 1 and then got it correct. i i failed to see where the luck is so low here and i also failed to see how someone would get piety off of those two. i do feel like wordle bought sheets at times. so the 13 remaining at this stage in the game, diode, peak time, biome on, we imbue so lots of different structures and then, after guessing mints, pi of t was the only one left. interesting, yeah, again, not really seeing how that translates to such low luck. i mean down from thousands, down to 100, down to 13, down to one, but you know, c levy. thank you so much for watching. hope you enjoyed it. remember, like and subscribe- it really does help me a lot- and share this video with anyone you think would enjoy some daily word puzzles. that's all for now and we will see you all tomorrow. [Music] you.