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wordpress ads plugin

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin Tutorial 2022 | Ad Manager & Adsense Plugin (Easiest Setting)

advanced ads is a lightweight plugin that allows you to specify which ads should be shown to which users and on which pages. you can use advanced ads to assign advertisements to specified locations and automatikally embed them in predefined positions in your posts. for example, you could place an advertisement after every third paragraph. this ad management plug-in is being used by more than 100 000 users worldwide. also, it comes with a very good amount of 5 stars. today we will use the advanced ads plugin in this fresh website. just go to the dashboard, add new a plugin, search advanced ads. you will get it first. install and activate this. after activation, you may see a notification like this which will tell you to place your ads. you can also add advertisement codes from this advanced ads section. just click on ads. click on create your first ad. give the name of the ad you are going to make. you see many options there, like rich content, image ad, adsense ad, etc. to add adsense code to your website, select adsense. to insert the ad code of your adsense, you need to paste the add code now. if you click next, then the ad will be visible on your site. but this website is not adsense enabled, so i will add an image add to this website. go back and click on the image add. now select the advertisement or banner ad here and here. if you want to set any referral url, then put it here. you can also make this blank. press next. you can set display conditions from here, such as you won't show this advertisement only in posts, not in pages or author pages. you can set this up from here here i am setting as the advertisements will be only shown in posts. go next now set where do you want to display the ad. you can display ads in content, before content, after content, etc. i like to set ads in content. now check after which paragraph you want to show ads. i select three. congratulations, your ad is now visible on the front even after publishing. you can set an expiry date for ads. suppose you got a sponsorship ad from a company. the deal is about to show this banner for a week. then you can set the expiry date at this deadline. press update. now let's check our site. yes, exactly after three paragraphs, the banner is visible. if you click on the image, it will redirect you to the provided link. you can also set the banner alignment from here. see the image alignment is now in the center. if you use adsense code, the same settings you need to set. so that are the easy steps to use advanced ads wordpress plugins for your website. if you have any questions about this, then please ask in the comments section also. please like and share this channel.

6 Wordpress Plugins to Manage Advertising

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Scale your Ad Revenue with this step-by-step guide to The Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin

hey guys, in this tutorial we'll discuss about how to use advanced ads, which is an ad management plugin for WordPress. you can use it to deploy your header bidding or Google ad manager tags. first, we need to install the plugin. once you logged into your WordPress account, go to plugins and in here, search for the plug-in called advanced- that's the very first one that you see here is what you're looking for- and click on install now. once that's done, click on activate and you should see this option on the left-hand panel on your WordPress account. now let's say, for example, I want to call this ad above-the-fold, 300 by 250, and you have different types of ad, creative or codes that you can choose from, and either in this tutorial I'll use an image, I'm going to select an image, insert the image and set up or specify the URL that you want to target for this ad, and of course, you have the size and click on. next, here you have the option whether or not you want the ad to display on all pages of the site. if you want the ad to be rid of site or are OS setup, meaning it's going to show up across all pages of your site, then you can skip this step. but if you have certain conditions wherein you only would like to display the ad if it's not a home page, for example, then you will have to create your condition in this section. you also have the option to watch the video tutorial here or visit the manual. now, if there is a certain condition we want to set up to display this ads, you can go ahead and choose the condition in here. let's say specific pages, for example, click on add, and then you can say specific pages, yes, or it's not. then insert the title or the ID here and choose another one as needed with this tutorial. I'm going to Excel for now, and here you also have the visitor conditions. if you click this button right here, you have the option to hide the add from certain users. so you can say add a condition. let's say for the device, click on add. so let's say you want this ad to display only for desktop. then you choose that. there's also a link here from manual and troubleshooting and there's also a responsive add-on where you can specify the browser width for which the ad should be visible for this tutorial. I'm going to skip this and we'll go ahead and save it. after you saved it, it's going to refresh the page for you and you will see this section wherein you can decide where to place or display the ad. you have the option to put it before content, within the content, after the content sidebar header and all other options in here. so for this example, I'm going to do it before the contact. all right, now it says congratulations. your ad is not visible in the front end. let's go ahead and recheck the website and it's right there, alright. so if you notiked, the ad is appearing towards the left, right, so it's aligned left. and what if you want it centered? so you go back to your WordPress account under the advanced ads options, click on ads again and you will see all the admins or ad units you have created. now you can edit the ad that you would like to modify, and this is a shortened version of the settings because you have the wizard turned on, so you have to stop the wizard first and you will see all the advanced options. all right now for the position. it's on default, so we want it centered and let's choose that. you can also specify margins in here and all other options, and let's just click on save or update and let's try to refresh the site and there it is. okay, guys. so earlier we didn't have a sidebar, so I could not demonstrate how a sidebar set up and look like. so I just changed the theme for this website and let me show you how to set up the sidebar- ads or ad units, using Advanced tab. so I go to advanced ads, click on ads and click new ad and let's call it the low search. so let's say, on our website, I'm going to put it right under the search box, right here. that's the way I want the ad to show up. so I'm those little search and we're gonna choose image ad. for now, select the image, okay. insert the URL of your website, ad the other conditions you want, click on publish and here, instead of content or before content, I'm gonna choose manage sidebar. then you're gonna see this page and you have the option here called advanced ads. you just grab that, drag it to right underneath the search, okay. once you dragged it, choose the ad unit that you want to show and click on save, okay, and let's refresh the site. and there you have it. he will now see it right underneath the search box. that concludes our video for today. don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates on our latest videos. see you next time.

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Ad Inserter Plugin For WordPress - Adtivate Review With Demo (✔️Must Have )

welcome to sbs digital, where we post reviews and demo videos of profitable software and tools that help you grow your business. please subscribe to our youtube channel and click the bell icon to get notified whenever we post a new video. in this demo video, i'm going to show you how you can instantly monetize any site in multiple different ways. i'm going to show you how you can automatikally add profitable offers to your sites in under 60 seconds. i'm going to show you how you can maximize the profit you make from every single site that you own or manage. i'm going to show you how you can quickly add adsense, affiliate offers, your own offers, cpa offers, call to actions or anything you'd like, all over your sites. we've literally created the best and easiest way to monetize your sites using the power of automated banner ads. what you're going to see in this demo video is going to allow you to easily create, ad, manage and display high converting offers on your sites in a way that no other plug-in can guarantee, because everyone is always toking about helping you get more traffic, helping you get more rankings, helping you get more social media traffic, helping you run better ads to get more traffic, toking about the latest untapped traffic source, etc. etc. however, what they don't tell you is that if you're not providing your visitors with multiple chances to buy or click on your offers on your site, you will never make money. that's just a simple fact. you can have hundreds of patreon rankings. you can have hundreds of visitors going to your sites every day. you can have your content going viral on social media. you can have the most beautifully designed website, you can have the most amazing logo- heck, you can have the best written content ever. but without monetizing your sites properly, you will never make money, period. so in this demo video, i'm going to show you exactly how you can monetize your site in a matter of seconds and how you can turn a site like this into a site like this, a site like this into a site like this, and a site like this into a site like this, where you can see, within a matter of seconds, i am turning these sites into profit pulling machines by having offers everywhere. okay, i have an offer here on the right, an offer here at the top, and this offer here is actually stiky, so that i'm giving people multiple chances to buy while they're on my site. i have another offer down here at the bottom, and i even have another offer here within the content. okay, so everyone that lands on these sites is always having and given multiple chances to buy or click on offers on these sites. same with here. i have an offer here at the top, an amazon offer here at the top as well, and i even have offers here within the content, as you can see here. okay, giving people multiple chances to buy. okay, same with this. i do. you just saw the pop-up ad that showed up. okay, on the exit intent i. i have also one here at the top. i have one here on the on the right hand side, which you can see. that also. i have an animation on that so that it calls attention to people while they're on the site. alright, if i scroll down here at the bottom, i have another offer here. okay, and i also have offers here within the content. again, giving people multiple chances to be able to buy. and that's the difference between the big sites that make a ton of money and the small sites that really don't make any money. if you go visit any big, major site that's making a bunch of money, it's because they give people multiple chances to buy. so with our plug-in, we allow you to do the very same thing. you'll be able to add banners like these. you'll be able to add adsense. you'll be able to add amazon banners as well, clickbank banners, any offers that you like, all over your site, okay, so let me go ahead and show you exactly how this works. i won't walk you through how to download and install uh the actual plugin, because that takes, you know, a few, a few seconds to do, and i already have it activated here on this site. uh, so all you have to do to get an ad created and deployed is to come here and use our built-in ad editor. now you are actually getting this as a free bonus, uh, where you'll be able to create uh banners for your offers. uh, right within our plugin as well. if you already have a pre-made offer, like a clickbank offer or something like that, then all you got to do is come here to ads, click add new and then here this is a, as an example, uh, a clickbank offer that i can just copy and paste the code for. come back to here, okay, and i can go ahead and hit custom and then i just paste that into there and you're good to go. same goes with uh amazon offers and same goes with adsense. you just literally copy paste your code and you can then deploy those offers with all these other settings. okay, before i go into all these settings and all the options that you have, i'm going to come back here to the ad editor and show you how powerful this free bonus is for everyone that picks up activate during our launch special. okay, so, yes, we have built an entire uh banner ad creator within our plugin so that you can quickly design and deploy offers on your sites. okay, so here i'm gonna go ahead and click on the display option. now, depending on which level of activate you purchase, you will see different options and different templates. uh, on your end, if you don't get the highest level. so we do have. uh, one of our upgrades that allows you to unlock all of the templates in here, all of the banner types and even the social media banner types as well. all right, but once you get to that upgrade, make sure you do pay attention if you do choose to unlock all of our templates. but here you can see all the amazing banner sizes that we have to allow you to really turn your site into profit pulling machines. okay, you also have the ability to start from a blank slate if you do have a bit of uh- graphical uh experience on your side- someone like myself. i definitely need to work based off of a template, because i don't have any graphical uh experience or graphical uh you know. anything in my uh, you know in my arsenal. so all you got to do: if you see a template that you like, you can just double click on it and then it will open in the editor and here you'll literally be able to do anything and everything you'd like with this ad, all right. so let's say, you want to change the background? alright, this is a crypto site, so let me go ahead and search for crypto. all right, let me go ahead and insert that. okay, i can go ahead and change the color of this to maybe something that stands out a little more. all right, there we go. that looks a little bit better. as you can see, i'm not the best when it comes to i don't know. that doesn't look good there, so i'll stop there, but i will show you all the other options that you have. you could add different effects to your ads. okay, you can also add different shapes, all right. so, if you want to, you know, add a button like this. you can use that with shapes. you can add different graphics as well, okay, so if you want to add a gentleman into your ad, you can do so as well. oh, click the wrong option there. all right, and then you can continue doing anything and everything that you want to these templates. okay, you can obviously use them as is and just make a few small changes. uh, you can upload your own images if you'd like. so, if you wanted this to be- uh, you know, this is an event, a crypto event that i'm promoting. i will do crypto event. we can put the price, we can put the pictures of people that are going to be attending this event- multiple different things. as you can see, you can have all flexibility of what you'd like to do with these ads. uh, eve, and again, you can also create ads from scratch, or you can just, you know, simply edit the templates that we have. once you're done, you just click save, add, and now this ad is gonna be saved as an image on my site, which i can then use as a banner on my site. all right? so, as you can see, this uh banner has now been saved as a uh image on my site and if i come back,

Ad Inserter Plugin Review & Tutorial | How to place ads on WordPress

hi everyone, welcome to ke2 blogging, and in this video i will show you how you can use the add inserter plugin in your wordpress website to install the adsense code. so add inserter is a very popular plugin in wordpress where you can insert the add code to your wordpress website. so let's check how we can install this plugin and set up this plugin to install the ad code. so for this i have to go to my wordpress dashboard and here i will click on add new and here in the search section i will search for add inserter and here i have to install and activate this plugin. so i have already installed this plugin. so i will go to install plugin section and i will click on settings. so here you will get 16 blocks by default, and if you want to add more blocks, then you can simply click on this button and here you can choose 17 to 32. so in this way you can add about 96 block, which is more than sufficient. so i will click on 1 to 16 and, as you can see, here you can paste your adsense code in the block one and here you can choose where you want to display the ad. so here i have selected post. so if you want to display the ad only in the post section, then you can select the post one, or you can select home page, category page, tags page, statik page, so statik page, basically the pages that you have created like home, about us, contact us, privacy policy. so these are the statik pages and here i have selected this inserter option. so here, as you can see, here you will get the option like before post, before content, after paragraph b4, image after image. so there is a lot of options. so here i have selected after paragraph and i have selected five, so my ad will show after every five paragraph. so let me just go to the blog post and let me just scroll down and, as you can see, this one is one, two, three, four, five, and the add will show after the fifth paragraph and here you can set the alignment to center. now let's click on manual, and if you don't want to insert it automatikally, then you can simply copy this shortcode and use it anywhere, like sidebar or post editor, page editor, so you can also use this shortcode feature, and there is also a php functions. so i don't generally use these options. now click on device and here you will see three options: desktop, tablet and phone. so if you want to exclude it from tablet and phone, then you can simply uncheck these two option and simply put the desktop one so the add call will only load in the desktop version. so here you can change so to insert, so the artikle will only insert in the desktop one and if you want to show option, then the ad will show only in desktop but will load in every devices. so i don't want that. so i can simply just select insert and select any one of the option, or you can select all the options. now let's click on miscellaneous and here you can support amp pages and you can also use insert for all users. or you can also used for login users or not login users. so if you don't want to see ads on your own, then you can simply select the non login users so that all the admins will exclude it and admin will not show the ads. so i will select all users. and let's click on filter and you can also use filter insertion. or you can use any of this option like post counter, php function call. but these are some advanced options, so i don't use that. and let's click on display and here you can also simply put a add level so it will set ad level like advertisement above the ad. so i don't generally use the ad level. now let's click on general setting and you can also add a tag to remember this add code. so let's scroll down and here you can change the block name. so i can change the block name to like after paragraph five, so you can remember where the add code will load. now you can change it to block 2 and in the same way you can paste your display ad unit and here you can select after paragraph, and i have selected 10, so it the ad code will load after the 10th paragraph. so in this way you can use various blocks. so let me just go to the setting first and here you will see a lot of options. so let me just scroll down and here you can see disabled caching for locked in admins so you can enable this option so it will not catch the add code, so that you can properly view if the error code is working properly or not. and all these settings are by default is okay, and you can also change the ad level- advertisement- so you can set your own custom ad level. so as i have not selected the ad level. this will not so in the front end, but if you are using ad level, then you can use a own custom ad level here. now let's click on viewpoint and it will decide the viewpoint. so if you want to use custom viewpoint then you can set it the pixel here. but i don't generally use that and this is also work as a header footer code manager. so if you want to put any code in the header section then you can paste that code here, and if you want to add some code in the footer section then you can use the code in this box. now it also comes with a inbuilt ad blocker feature. so if someone using ad blocker on their browser, then it will detect the ad blocker and it will show a add warning. so you can enable it for all devices and click the action to pop up message. so it will add a pop-up message to the users who are using the ad blockers and here you can set the delay option to one page so it will delay the action. so if the user visited more than one page, then the pop-up will show and let's scroll down and here you can add your own custom message in the pop-up box and you can also style this message box like i can set the border radius or set the border width, and you can also set the width and height of the pop-up message. so i think the setting is done and let me just go back to addtxt, so you can also insert add txt in your wordpress website using the add inserter plugin. so if you are new to the adsense, then attends ask you to insert the addtxt file. so here you can simply upload the addtxt file or edit it from here. now let's click on this option, this one, and let's scroll down and here it will check the all available position in your theme. so, as i am using the cadence theme, it will show where i can insert the add code so that the ad will display properly. so, as you can see, i can insert add before post, before content, before paragraph, after paragraph, before image after image, after content, after post footer, and there is no option to insert between post, because this is a post, and here you can insert between post in the category page or the archive pages, and here you can insert between comments and after comments. so let me just open another blog post and, as you can see, this is the after post section and here you can also insert add after the command or in between the commands. and if you want to insert add in the sidebar, then you have to use the second method. so you just need to go to the add block section and here you have to click on the manual option and then copy this shortcode from here. so let me just copy this shortcode from here. and if i want to insert the add code in the sidebar, then i can simply go to the appearance section and i will click on wizards. so here click on the plus icon and search for short code and just click on this sort code block and just paste the shortcode that you have copied from the add inserter. and here i have inserted the code using a custom html block so you can directly paste the code in the sidebar. so i hope you got the idea how to use the add inserter plugin in your wordpress website, and if you have any doubt regarding this, then you can ask me in the comment section. and if you want to temporarily disable any ad unit in the website, then you can simply click on the pause button and click on save button so it will pause the add code and it will stop loading the ad unit in the front end. so simply just save this setting and the add code will be blocked and it will not show in the front end. i hope you got the idea how to use the add inserter plugin in your wordpress website and insert add.

✅ Ad Inserter ➡️ Agrega publicidad de Adsense a tu sitio web | WordPress

o la buena. seguimos con un nuevo tiempo. punto es- y vamos a ver la versión gratuita de este plugin- at inserte. que bueno. con este plugin puedes poner la publicidad de google, adsense o de otra plataforma de una manera muy sencilla en diferentes posiciones. por ejemplo, puedes poner anuncios simplemente una categoría concreta o en todas las categorías - en alguna, en etiquetas concretas, en solamente las entradas a la página de inicio, antes de la primera imagen de la entrada, después del tercer párrafo de la entrada y un montón de posiciones más. el plugin funciona muy bien. de hecho ha probado varios y este es el que más me gusta y es el que suele utilizar en la página web donde utilizó adsense y bueno, como veis, tiene muy buenas valoraciones, ha sido bueno. vamos a echar un vistazo a ver cómo funciona. vamos a venir aquí a nuestra página web. venimos a que plugins añadir nuevo y simplemente ponemos aquí cada insert. er, muy bien, es este aquí, es el que más instalaciones tiene, así que bueno, vamos a instalarlo web en mí, lo vamos a activar. estupendo, si venimos aquí ajustes, tenemos aquí aquí inserte, hacemos clic y bueno, esta sería nuestra interfaz. vale, si das cuenta, aquí tenemos hasta 16 bloques, es decir, en cada bloque de éstos podemos poner un anuncio. pero no sólo tenemos 16, hacemos clic aquí, vemos que tenemos también otro bloque del 17 al 32, del 33 al 48, decís. yo hago clic aquí, nos muestra el bloque del 65 al 80, o sea que tienes casi 100 módulos para poner anuncios. vamos a quitar lo que, en este caso, con el primero, simplemente lo viene. bien y bueno, aquí es donde pondrías tú código de adsense para conseguir el código de un anuncio, simplemente vienes a tu cuenta de adsense. piensa que anuncios, vista general, tienes aquí por bloques de anuncios y aquí tienes una serie de anuncios. vale por lo general, vas a utilizar este, el anuncio de display, así que simplemente hacer clic en él y así es como se mostraría. no, simplemente hace clic aquí abajo en crear para tener que poner un nombre. vamos a poner anuncios de prueba. 4, porque creo que tenga ya unos cuantos, y hacemos clic en crear. bien mi. 7, que este código html, que es un script, simplemente lo copias deberes aquí y lo pegas, y ya está y ya se mostraría el anuncio. yo, como esta web es de prueba y no la tengo vinculada con adsense, pues no puedo utilizar anuncios, así que simplemente voy a poner aquí un texto, un h1, que diga: esto es una canción y voy a cerrar aquí el h1. muy bien, bueno, vamos a ver unos cuantos ejemplos para que la personalidad de cómo funciona. vamos a visitar primero el sitio. bueno, yo tengo aquí la sección de blog y vamos a meternos dentro una entrada, por ejemplo estar aquí. bien, imagínate que quieres agregar un anuncio antes del contenido de todas las entradas. vale, simplemente venimos aquí y aquí pondrías el código, como te he dicho, y aquí abajo, donde gestionamos donde queremos que se muestre. en este caso, está bien, lo dejamos en entradas, aquí lo activamos y decimos en qué posición queremos que se muestre. en este caso, vamos a decir que antes del contenido- y aquí podemos alinearlo- vamos a indignarnos al centro. vale, no tenemos más opciones, pero con esto, ya, una vez que guardes cambios. bien, si ahora volvemos aquí a la entrada y recargo: ya vemos aquí que sale: esto es un anuncio. es decir, aquí saldría el anuncio y esto pasa en todas las entradas. si vamos a la entrada siguiente, lo vemos también que pone aquí: esto es un anuncio. vamos a otra más, le vamos a dar lo anterior, lo anterior, y vemos que en todas las entradas sale de lo de esto es un anuncio. muy bien, también podemos ponerlo a partir de una serie de párrafos, por ejemplo, a partir del tercer párrafo, vamos a abrir aquí, vamos a a seleccionar ahora el bloque 2 y bueno, vamos a copiar esto. primeramente vamos al bloque 2, lo pegamos y vamos a poner: esto es un anuncio 2 para distinguirlo. y en este caso vamos a decir aquí que lo vamos a insertar antes del párrafo o después del párrafo. por ejemplo, en este caso vamos a decir: después del párrafo, y aquí vamos a decir el número 3, y es exactamente igual. vamos a alinearlo al centro. aquí le estamos diciendo que muestre este anuncio en todas las entradas después del tercer párrafo. vale, vamos a guardar cambios. bien, venimos aquí a la entrada, vamos a recargar. y bien, ya tenemos aquí el anuncio número 1, tenemos aquí un párrafo, aquí tenemos otro párrafo y aquí tenemos el tercero. esto es una cita, no cuenta como párrafo. entonces tenemos aquí un párrafo, dos párrafos y el tercero, y ya tenemos aquí el anuncio dos. si vamos a la entrada anterior, vemos que es igual. no tenemos aquí el anuncio. aquí también, y aquí abajo tenemos lo de. esto es un anuncio 2. si, por ejemplo, aquí digo que quiero el párrafo 2 y ver cambios, ahora, si vivimos allí y recargamos, ya vemos que el anuncio cambia de posición y vemos que aparece después del párrafo 2: muy bien, bueno, también podemos poner anuncios en el feed, en categorías. por ejemplo, vamos a meternos aquí en road trip, que sea una categoría, y bueno, aquí tenemos tres entradas. si queremos poner un anuncio entre el fin, digamos entre una entrada y otra, vamos a venir aquí, vamos a seleccionar el bloque 3, ahora vamos a copiar esto también lo copiamos. venimos aquí al 3, vamos a pegarlo y aquí, en vez de entradas, vamos a decir que en páginas de categoría mueven y aquí en insertar, vamos a decir que lo queremos. vamos a decir que lo queremos entre las entradas. como ves, tienes un montón de posiciones. vale, después de la imagen, después del contenido, en el pie de página, después de los comentarios, entre los comentarios, incluso ante los comentarios, un montón. o también puedes seleccionar un elemento html y ponerlo ahí, vale, bueno, el tema es que no vamos a centrarlo. también, si yo ahora guardo cambios y venimos aquí a la categoría y recargamos, si hacemos un poquito de scroll, vemos que debajo de cada entrada tenemos un anuncio. vale, también podemos decir que se muestre cada dos entradas y yo aquí pongo un. 2, vamos a cambiar esto. vamos a poner que se anuncie. 3, bien y guardo. muy bien, vamos a recargar. ahora vemos que después de la primera entrada no tenemos anuncios y después de la segunda, si tenemos el anuncio, y esto pasa en todas las categorías, vale. si volvemos aquí a blog y ahora no metemos dentro de esta categoría de aventuras place, pues pasa exactamente igual. tenemos aquí un anuncio, aquí otro y aquí tenemos el anuncio. qué pasa si yo quiero simplemente mostrar anuncios en una categoría en concreto, por ejemplo en esta de aquí, pero que la otra de road trip no aparezca? bueno, pues, venimos aquí y ahora lo que vamos a hacer es hacer clic aquí en listas y aquí en categoría. lo vamos a marcar, como estamos para etiquetas, taxonomía, cookies, etcétera, muy bien, y aquí simplemente vamos a marcar la categoría, la marcamos y bueno, si te fijas, aquí tenemos una equis. esto significa que estamos incluyendo el anuncio en todas estas categorías y excluyendo la en esta. si queremos hacerlo al revés, que se excluyan en estas y solamente aparezcan, está aquí. vamos a hacer clic aquí para que aparezca una uve y ya está. vamos a guardar cambios. y qué pasa ahora? vamos a recargar aquí. si hacemos el crol, vemos que continuamos con el anuncio 2, pero en cambio, si volvemos a otra categoría, a esto de aquí de road trip, volvemos que no aparece en ningún tipo de anuncio. eso también puedes hacer con etiquetas. muy bien, también podemos poner panel personalizado. vale, por ejemplo, vamos a venir aquí a la 4 y vamos a hacer clic aquí en la llavecita, esta de aquí. bien, hacemos clic en este que es de código, aquí tenemos para crear un banner, tenemos de que aquí también para adsense y aquí para incluso por publicidad de amazon. vale aquí en el mante, simplemente vamos a elegir la imagen. hacemos clic aquí en elegir imagen y bueno, yo, como no tengo ningún band, es, simplemente voy a elegir el logo. esté aquí, lo seleccionamos. bien, ya, tenemos aquí la imagen. se verá pequeña, pero bueno, para hacer la prueba, está bien, aquí pondremos el texto alternativo para el pse, o es texto alternativo y un enlace, por ejemplo. pues todo se pone a.