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wordpress woocommerce dropshipping

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Best Dropshipping Suppliers and Plugins for WooCommerce

[Music]. in this video, we will discuss the best drop shipping suppliers and plugins for woocommerce. but before we get on with the explanation, don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and click the notification icon so that you don't miss out on great content on wordpress and woocommerce. for anyone starting a new drop shipping business, it is important to understand the popular drop shipping suppliers and ways to find interesting products to sell. in this video, we will discuss the best drop shipping suppliers and the best woocommerce plugins to help you import products easily. let's start with the best places to find products from drop shipping suppliers and products. spock it one of the most popular drop shipping suppliers. if you're looking specifically for products from the us and europe. you will be able to choose your products from categories that you prefer and test them by ordering samples. it is quite easy to integrate the service with your ecommerce store, irrespective of the platform, as it supports woocommerce, shopify, wix and more printful, a service that allows you to sell custom products. you can choose from a range of products and customize them effortlessly. there are intuitive design tools that will help you make creative designs in a matter of minutes. moreover, you can seamlessly integrate with your ecommerce platform printify. printify offers more than 300 customizable products to choose from. you will be able to easily add your own designs to these products and sell them at a price of your choice. fulfillment will be take care by printify, so you don't have to really worry about storage and delivery. there are easy options to integrate with your ecommerce store for multiple platforms. drop n shop: you will get access to a large number of products made in french factories. this will enable you to sell unique products that are not commonly available. the delivery time frame 2 is competitive compared to other drop shipping suppliers, and you will be able to use your own branding. more importantly, they don't charge any sign up or registration fees. doba: you will get access to more than 1 million products. when you choose doba, it offers easy integration with popular ecommerce platforms and marketplaces effortlessly. since they verify the quality of drop shipping suppliers, you can be assured of getting good products. moreover, the fulfillment process is quite streamlined and you will be able to provide a great user experience. wholesale 2b- another great option to find products from dropshipping suppliers. there is no need for you to make agreements with suppliers, as the platform will handle orders and returns effectively. you can easily import products to be sold on your ecommerce store or different marketplaces. selvia, if you are targeting the us market, selvia is a great supplier to look into. it allows you to fill your online store with demanded, high-quality products stored in a california-based fulfillment center. furthermore, you get fast shipping across the us, along with powerful product descriptions for each product. office crave, a large supplier of office stationery and cleaning products. they offer a drop shipping program that you can easily join. since they have multiple warehouses spread across the us, the delivery will be relatively quick. furthermore, they will ensure delivery without any brand labels. sunrise wholesale- with over 15 000 products in their catalog, sunrise wholesale is a great option for drop shipping stores. you will have the flexibility to sell products on one of the popular marketplaces like amazon or ebay, or set up your own store using shopify or bigcommerce. the range of products they offer is truly amazing and they will handle returns and refunds without hassles. now let's discuss a few of the best drop shipping supplier directories. salehoo offers a directory of more than 8 000 drop shipping suppliers. you can also use their service to import drop shipping products from aliexpress to shopify worldwide brands. this is one of the most popular options to help you access dropshipping suppliers from all over the world. depending on the products you want to sell, you will be able to find the real dropshippers and ensure the quality and authentikity of your products. wholesale central offers a link between wholesalers and resellers. it features a great range of wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors who will supply products to retailers. you can find a suitable wholesaler and directly do business with them. here are a few best services to help you set up a dropship store: dropshippercom, a comprehensive platform that lets you create your own drop shipping store from scratch. it will create a store with unique domain name and helps you import products from aliexpress. you will also get access to several advanced features, such as abandoned cart recovery, insightful reports and efficient seo tools. inventory source. with this tool, you will be able to connect with more than 200 shipping suppliers and will also be able to automatikally sync products to your ecommerce store. best woo commerce drop shipping plugins. if you are using woocommerce as your platform to set up a drop shipping store, there are several plugins that could help you with multiple features. let's have a look. woocommerce drop shipping. if you are maintaining your drop shipping business on a woocommerce store, this plugin could be handy. it helps you in aliexpress products, amazon affiliates or even to dropship with local suppliers. the plugin offers awesome support in assigning and importing inventory, creating emails and invoices and also setting feasible profit margins. alidropship- woocommerce dropshipping plugin. you can manage to import aliexpress products to your store and also manage orders effortlessly using this plugin. the main advantage is that you can automatikally send orders to aliexpress for fulfillment. woo dropship- ali express drop shipping. with wordpress and woocommerce, you can either opt for a complete package to set up a drop shipping business for you or go for the woocommerce plugin that will help you add and customize aliexpress products offers great features to help you import drop shipping products from supported sites. it also offers features like advanced product research and automatik order placements. dropified also has other plugins. if you are looking for options to print private invoices for your own brand, dropship me. this is a free plugin that will help you import curated products from aliexpress to your woocommerce store. since the products are hand-picked by experts, there are more success possibilities with this option. wp amazon shop- an affiliate wu commerce drop shipping plugin that allows you to sell millions of products featured on amazon. it is easy to set up and receive affiliate commissions after successfully integrating the plugin on your website. this plugin adds an affiliate linkid to every product, so you receive your profit margin with every sale. spreader- built differently than other woo commerce drop shipping plugins, as spreader is designed for websites that want to add an online store as an addition. use the bulk import tool to add all the categories and decent commission rates for specific products. spreader- built differently than other woo commerce drop shipping plugins, as spreader- is designed for websites that want to add an online store as an addition. use the bulk import tool to add all the categories and decent commission rates for specific products. wu shark- woo commerce drop shipping plugin. this is a simple yet flexible woo commerce drop shipping bundle with various plugin options. you can easily set up and customize any product data before you display it on your website. woo shark offers multiple plugins that allow you to start a drop shipping business with amazon, ebay, etsy, aliexpress, etc. kanawha specializes in fashion and accessories, but you can add other drop shipping items. kanawa uses an easy to install and setup process where you can add products, customize them.

7 Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins

hey, what is up, guys? it's brennan here, and today we're going to be going over the best woocommerce drop shipping plugins and, when it comes to picking an ecommerce platform for dropshipping, woocommerce is really one of the best platforms because they have a lot of different dropshipping plugins available. so what are the best ones? that's what we're going to cover in this video. in just a second we're going to jump in the computer and take a look at those plugins and before we begin, i have links to all the various plugins down in the description box below. so go ahead and check those out as we follow along through the video. alrighty, guys, we are now in the computer and jumping right into the very first woocommerce drop shipping plugin. we have alidropship and, more specifically, ali dropship woo. so ally dropship wu is a plug-in designed by the team at alidropship and is a woocommerce dropshipping plugin. so the thing is, with alidropship, woo can take seconds to import products from aliexpress into your woocommerce dropshipping store, process clients orders and track business performance. so the reason why i put alidropship here at the top of the list is because they really are one of the best woocommerce drop shipping plugins because they handle everything that you need to have done with your store and they allow you to import those aliexpress products and they also are only a one-time payment, so you can get it for 89.. like i said, links down in the description box below if you want to check them out and you can also order a custom store with them, but more specifically, with just the woocommerce dropshipping plugin for alidropship woo. the great thing with going with woocommerce is that you can also import other woocommerce products. if you want to run woocommerce products, you can do that and you can utilize the aliexpress products through the alidropship wu plugin, so they allow you to choose from unlimited products. send orders directly to aliexpress suppliers. uh, you can save time. it's a one-time payment for the plug-in, which is really nice, because a lot of the different plugins you see with even shopify or other alternative e-commerce platforms, they charge you that monthly fee, whereas ali dropship is only a one-time payment, which is really nice. and it is something common, more common to see within the woocommerce space, just because of the way that wordpress, which is what woocommerce is built off of, really operates and how wordpress works. so it's a really nice feature there, as well as the fact that you get all the different features such as the importing automatik updates, so you do still get updates as well if you purchase their plugin. you still get those the updates that they release. they also give you the chrome extension. you have the image editor. you have pricing automation, automatik, order tracking, epacket shipping filter so you can filter by epacket, if you're looking for that. they also have the product reviews, the product selection, like i said, the free updates, so you get those lifelong free updates with the additional features and options as they release those. so, yeah, it's the alidropship woo plugin and it's also compatible with woocommerce themes. so maybe you already have a woocommerce store. you can use all your different woocommerce themes that you already have and just add in these dropshipping products through the alidropship blue plugin so you can keep the same style and design and really make it how you want it to look, without limitations on themes, because you have all the different uh compatible woocommerce themes, as well as the specific alley dropship wu themes, which we're not going to be taking a look at too much in this video, but they do have their own alidropship wu themes as well that you can look at. so they have some free ones available in there. so really that's the option here with the alidropship woo. i really recommend it. it's it's a pretty nice plug-in in general and you get all the features in in one setup if you're really just looking for aliexpress products, but you still have the flexibility of other woocommerce products because you're not locked into just a drop shipping store. you also have the woocommerce side of things. so, continuing along with this video, at number two we have spock it, and spock it is an awesome drop shipping platform. they're kind of a newcomer in the space and they offer a ton of different integrations, one of those being woocommerce, so you can do woocommerce drop shipping with spocket. the thing that differentiates spock it from an alley dropship is that they actually give you other products and alternative uh products that you can import into your store that aren't even just from aliexpress. they have their own suppliers that they manage that setup there, so you can import us and eu products and ship them through woocommerce with the spock it integration, like i said, links down below. of course, if you want to check out spock it, then feel free to do so so, as you can see, you can add the high quality products to your store. they have customer support and browse and add winning drop shipping products and they also have a sorting feature in their plugin, which i'm not going to get into the plug-in too much in this video, but they allow you to also sort by products that have high sales, which is kind of nice. so you can kind of see, like, okay, the other people if this product sells obviously, so it has some sort of merit to it. so you can actually sort by products, which is really nice that they allow you to do that. it works with the wordpress woocommerce store and so you can start drop shipping. so, as you can see, us and eu products- it's not just aliexpress. now you can import aliexpress products with spocket if you use their ali scraper integration, so they do have that as well that you can utilize. uh, but you also have their different us and europe products globally so you can find winning products to woo your viewers, which is kind of funny because it's wooing with woocommerce- nice wordplay there. so they have these various pre-vetted drop shipping suppliers that you can import from different parts of the worlds, as you can see: shipped from us, shipped from greece, depending on where your customers are, you can select suppliers that really match what your customers needs are as far as where you need to supply products from. so it's better shipping times, which is very nice to see, and they have a ton in there. they and they say thousands of reliable drop shipping suppliers. they really do mean a lot of suppliers. i mean, they have a lot more, even than some of the other plugins that i've tested in other drop shipping apps. spock it continues to have quite a bit of different integrations and suppliers to choose from within their platform, so you're really not limited whatsoever with them. the only downside here, if you're comparing the pricing, is that spock it, while they do have a free version, they do charge a monthly fee, which is something to consider, but given the fact that you get, uh, premium suppliers, i'd say it's worth it if you want those premium suppliers and and just to get access to that is well worth it within itself. so you have something that differentiates you from just the typical aliexpress suppliers and aliexpress products. you have something a little bit different with spock it, which is very nice to see, and, as you can see, they have the fast shipping. so spock and woocommerce integration, as i kind of already mentioned all these different factors here, they have a couple of different case studies that you can look at, of course, and, as you can see, you can start using spock it for free so you can test them out and kind of look at the products that they have. you can set up a free account so you don't have to pay to get started with them, but then they do have their monthly fees later on if you do choose to start using them. they have the branded invoicing as well as the us and eu products and they have various different discounts exclusive to spock it on their

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WooCommerce Dropshipping Tutorial (Free Method) - List AliExpress products on WordPress 2020

[Music]. hey, how's it going? Alex here from idea spot, and today we are going to have a tutorial on WooCommerce drop shipping. so we've already built this WooCommerce data site. check out one of my earlier videos where we do that. in this tutorial, you're going to take an item from Aliexpress and you are going to learn how to import that item into your own store, like I've done right here. so if that sounds good, stik around. we're going to be using a tool called shop master. it is totally free to use. you can have up to 800 items, and that will let you take items from Aliexpress and link them straight into your store. so let's get started now. the things you'll need to start are an online store, like I toked about before. check out the description. I'll show you how to build your online store. you'll need payment processing that is really quick- only a couple of minutes, using PayPal or stripe or both. I've got videos on those as well. you'll need an hourly Express account. that's really easy. Aliexpress calm, and you can sign in with a Google account. that doesn't take any time at all. you'll need a shop master account that's really quick to set up to you. I'm going to cover that in this video and you'll need a credit card to order products to your customers. so you'll order the- like I said, the three or four dollar product. sell it for twenty or thirty dollars on your WooCommerce store and you'll make a nice, tidy profit. okay, first thing we'll do is check out the drop shipping Center on Aliexpress. you can just google drop shipping Center, Aliexpress, click that first link and it'll ask you to sign in. I've just signed in with a Google account, but any method will do. once you're in, you'll get a little bit of information about drop shipping. now it'll have some suggested products and apps to boost your business. now we're gonna use this one called shop master, so go ahead and click that it'll. you'll head over to shop master. this is a great way of linking your WooCommerce store to Aliexpress and it'll allow you to automatikally order your products. so click sign up. today for free. you'll get a basic signup page. I've already signed up, but that's all you need to do. log in and you'll get to your dashboard now. from here, you can run the setup wizard. so you can click run setup wizard or if if you've done something earlier and that's not there anymore, you can click help and click setup wizard here. so shop master works with all these different platforms. in partikular, we're going to be using WooCommerce, but it works with. you can sell things on ebay, wish, Shopify, 3d cart, but go ahead and use WooCommerce. now what we'll need to do is put in the name of our store. it's not that important, but I'm just gonna call it the same as what I've called it on the website and the store URL. I'm just using the demo URL. I can grab that, pop that in there and click connect. you'll get a pop-up. it allows you to connect your store. so this is all pretty easy. click approve and this will allow the shop master app to communicate with your store. so you can import things from Aliexpress, like like these, these cheap t-shirts. you can import them straight into your WooCommerce store and start selling them. so I'm gonna show you how to do that in just a second. okay, now, before we start importing products, we've got a few more setup steps to do. we'll go to settings here and we're going to manage our suppliers. so we're going to need to connect our Aliexpress account to shop master. so we just do that. we click connect. if you've already joined Aliexpress, we have join. we did this earlier in the video. so just say join, go to connect, and this as long as you're logged into Aliexpress already. it will connect up your store and you'll need to reconnect every once per month just to make sure that connection is still maintained. manage channels: here you'll have your store connected. we already did that earlier in the video. that was fairly easy. so that all looks good. just make sure, before you connect with your Aliexpress, just make sure your WooCommerce is set to US dollars. in your dashboard we're commerce settings under the general tab. scroll down to currency. I recommend using United States Dollars for dropshipping. the biggest market is the US and the other ones the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. we're all used to dealing US dollars as well. so there are WordPress plugins to use multiple currencies. but just as you're starting out, set it to US dollars anyway. so back to our settings here. that all looks good. let's go to dropship settings here. general settings here: default store. we want to setup playful print. that was the one we set up when we linked the store. SKU can stay as that description preference can be original. you can change up the images only if you don't like the Aliexpress descriptions at all. you're gonna end up deleting. most of those are the Express descriptions. images only can save you a little bit of time. up to you. the original description might give you some hints about what you might write in your description, but you're probably going to delete it. but let's leave a floor original for now. but just be aware that can save you some time. that all looks good. listing settings: let's check with commerce. that's fine company. we want to fill those out with our details: name, contact, email, phone, web site. that's all good. advanced default currency: that should be in US dollars. my country- that's fine, that's fine. dropship settings has a few more things we want to do. pricing rules: now, this is important. pricing rules on. by default there's a simple 150% percent markup I like using a formula. you can get a better price formula done. that includes the price of the shipping. include that in your product price and use free shipping. so this is a good way of managing it. so we go price formulas and manage formulas. now I set one up called playful print formula. I'll show you how to do that. I'll delete that for now. I can't do that yet, but I can add a new formula. okay, let's call it playful print v2. so for cheap products we're going to use a hundred percent markup with shipping cost. for the more expensive products, 22 $99 we're going to use- you can just use maybe, maybe put it as a 60 percent markup- post shipping cost. and the rest of the range is, if it's over $100, just make it maybe a 50% markup plus shipping cost. and so now we can sort of see if we've got a $5 product with $2 shipping, it's gonna ship for $14 out of our store and we can add 99 cents or 95 cents onto that. I'll show you how to do that in a minute. but that's sort of our the methods we use for drop shipping. we want to find products around that 2, 3, 4, 5 dollar range and ship them out for maybe $14.99 to 1999. that's sort of the business model for drop shipping. let's hit save. so I've got playful print v2. we're gonna use pricing formulas, we're gonna assign cents here and we're going to make 95 cents on the end of all of our prices. we'll leave that unchecked. leave that unchecked and we can save and apply. it's going to say missing required fields because we're going to need to put this on all the suppliers. let's click bulk change and go playful print v2 and here apply. that will put our pricing formula on all of our suppliers, most importantly Ali expresses the we're using for the moment, but lots of different suppliers you can use on this shop master. that'll looks pretty good. I think we can go ahead, save and apply. so we want to apply to everything. just click everything for now to be sure, even though I don't have any products yet. um, it will go ahead and apply our pricing formula. so that looks all good. now I'll dropship your settings. we've done general verdun pricing rules. products monitor- we want to turn these on. inventory monitor- that looks all good. and price monitor: that will automatikally update pricing. if Aliexpress puts their prices up, your prices go up. if Aliexpress puts their prices down, their prices on your week on my store go down. so that'll do it automatikally for you. this all looks pretty good. we can hit Save Changes d.

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Shopify vs WooCommerce 2023 (Don't choose WRONG!)

shopify versus woocommerce: which platform is better to build your online store? to create a successful ecommerce website, you need a platform that helps you build your online store, add products, encrypt your customers data, manage orders and, most importantly, a platforms that load super duper fast. that's why, in this video, we're gonna break down the pros and cons of shopify versus woocommerce, so by the end of this video, you will know which platform works best for you. but before we get started, make sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel. here you will find resources and guides to help you set up a successful online store using shopify and woocommerce now, without any further ado. let's get started. first of all, let's understand what is shopify. shopify is all in one platform powering 21 of online stores on the internet. shopify has all the tools and features to set up your online store in less than 24 hours. you can easily accept payments, manage inventory, all from a single platform. with shopify, you don't need any tiknical skills to manage things such as web hosting, security, caching and so on. now how to start with shopify. here are the steps to create a shopify store: 1. get a 14-day trial from shopify to register a domain name. 3. create or import products- if you plan to do dropshipping, for example. 4. choose a shopify theme. 5. set up payment gateways and shipping. 6. drive traffic and start selling. now, what is woocommerce? woocommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin built for wordpress, so it means to use it. you first need to install wordpress, which is also free to use. woocommerce is also the most popular ecommerce platform, powering 28 of online stores on the internet. yes, it's even more popular than shopify. now, how to store your online store using woocommerce. if you don't have a wordpress installation yet, here's what you need to get started with woocommerce: 1. set up a domain in a web hosting server. 2. install wordpress. 3. install woocommerce plugin. 4. choose a theme, install and customize it. 5. set up woocommerce features like payment gateways and shipping. 6. import or create products. 7. drive traffic and start selling. okay, now let's tok about the cost of using shopify versus woocommerce. so first we're going to take a look at a cost of using shopify. with shopify, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial, build your online store and start selling using that free trial. now, when your trial expires, you need to upgrade to the basic plan, which starts at 29 per month to 200 dollars per month. each plan includes a ssl certificate, also available on the free trial web host, and a branded subdomain from shopify, which is your store, followed by myshopifycom. to use a custom domain, like your storecom, for example, you need to purchase a domain separately. okay, now let's take a look at the cost of using woocommerce. woocommerce is free, but in order to use it, you need a hosting server. that will be the main cost to maintain your e-commerce website, a domain name and a ssl certificate. generally, a domain costs 14. ssl certificate cost sixty nine dollars, and a web hosting costs around seven dollars and ninety nine cents per month. this is not cheap, especially when you're just starting out, but thanks to hosting and reaches any official wordpress and woocommerce recommended hosting provider, you can get a free domain, a free ssl certificate and a huge discount on web hosting, starting from 3.99 per month. so the cost of starting a basic woocommerce store is extremely lower than shopify. okay, now let's take a look at the pros and cons of using shopify versus woocommerce. here are the pros of using shopify. one: shopify lets you build your online store quick too. another con is that shopify is very, very easy to use. 3. shopify has multiple beautiful themes. 4. shopify will take care of hosting, updates and security. 5. dropshipping is simple with shopify. 6. shopify has a great customer support. 7. shopify themes are mobile friendly. now let's take a look at the cons of using shopify one. you have some limitations to customize your shopify store. 2. you don't have full control over your site. 3. 30 part premium apps can be a little bit expensive. 4. the basic shopify plan can be a little bit expensive for those who are just starting out, because the basic plan starts at 29 dollars per month. 5. with shopify, you have to pay transaction fees between 0.5 to 2, based on the subscription you choose. 6. shopify themes are great, but the premium ones are quite expensive. 7. with shopify, it's a little bit difficult to rank on search engines like google, because shopify was built from the ground for e-commerce. okay, now let's take a look at the pros of using woocommerce. first of all, woocommerce is free and you don't need to pay any transaction fees to use it. 2. with woocommerce, you have full control over your website. 3. wordpress has a lot of free themes and plugins. 4. wordpress has better blogging capabilities than shopify. 5. seo features works better on wordpress, so it's much easier to rank your pages on google. 6. woocommerce have drop shipping capabilities. 7. woocommerce lets you sell physical products, digital products, services and even subscriptions. okay, now let's take a look at the cons of using woocommerce. one, wordpress have a long learning curve. two, wordpress costs can increase due purchasing premium themes and plugins at the beginning, but at least you pay for them once, not monthly. 3. with woocommerce, you have to manage literally everything from hosting, backups, updates, plugins and themes, otherwise your website will go down. 4. you have to take care of your security with extra plugins, like word fans, otherwise many bad people will try to hack your online store. 5. hosting is the main cost to manage your ecommerce website, so you need to get a great hosting provider. so the big question is: which one should you use to build your online store? it really does depend on your needs, because both platforms are great. if you want a platform that cares about hosting, security, backups, updates and a platform that lets you build your online store quicker, then shopify is the great option for you. now, if you want to create an e-commerce website without investing a lot of money, build your store without limitations, have advanced blog capabilities to rank on google, then woocommerce, powered by hostinger is the great option for you. i personally use both for my clients e-commerce sites and, as a result, i do have a hookup with a link down below so you can use the link to try out both or get a discount. now, if you want to create your e-commerce site with woocommerce or shopify, just choose any of these videos right here and i see you there. you.

WooCommerce Dropshipping Free Method - Using only Free Plugins & Themes

today you'll learn a free method of setting up a drop shipping store using woocommerce, aliexpress and dss. i'm alex, and welcome to ideaspot [Music]. you'll be able to take any product from aliexpress, import that product into your own woocommerce store, like i've done here, and by using dss you can automatikally sell the products to your customers. i'm just using the free version to do this. i'll show you how i did it. let's get started. so we're just going to need four things to do this: a woocommerce store, so you can get that set up for free. we've covered this on the channel plenty of times before. you'll need a dss account and an aliexpress account. those things only take a few seconds to set up. we're going to cover that in a minute. you'll need good web hosting. this is the only thing that costs money in the whole tutorial, so i've covered web hosting on the channel plenty of times as well. i'll get to my recommendations in just a second. okay for hosting over on my blog, ideaspotcomau. under hosting, i've got my recommendations for wordpress hosting. so overall, i really like cloud ways. i've got a tutorial link there and a free three-day trial, also for beginners. i really like siteground, so i've got a tutorial there and a big discount for those of you getting started and for the more advanced users. i really like vulture, so that is really best in class price to performance. i've got a tutorial there: 30 days of free credit if you use that link as well. i'll put all of these in the description as well, so you can go straight there. i've also made a new playlist with all my woocommerce and hosting videos here, so i'll link to that as well in the description: cloudway setup, vulture setup, siteground setup and woocommerce setup- probably the most important ones. then i've got a few tutorials on tweaking stores and customizing stores down here as well, so check those out as well. now, this tutorial will work with pretty much any wordpress theme. i'm using cadence theme. i'm using the free version of cadence and i'm using this starter site called print store. this is what i've set up on ideademosite. i've got an ideaspot demonstration store that i'm going to use and set this up as a dropshipping site. besides the print store starter site, cadence also has this ecommerce general store and besides cadence, which is probably my favorite free wordpress theme at the moment, there's also the astra theme, which has some really nice free online woocommerce stores as well. so this is brand store. this is simply natural, which is a really nice white based, clean looking store. we've got uh, the beauty cosmetiks store from astra and the print store from astra, so all of these are free. you can set them up with starter templates that i've shown how to do on the channel before, like i've shown in that playlist, but in this video i really just want to focus on importing products from aliexpress into woocommerce and setting up that automatik fulfillment process. so just the basics of drop shipping. okay, the system we're going to use to connect our woocommerce store to aliexpress is the service called dss. now, this is quite a good option because this is an aliexpress official drop shipping partner and for those of you getting started with drop shipping, they have a very good free plan. so just head over to dsscom and click try for free. we just pop in an email and password and click get started from here. it's going to run a setup wizard so we select our platform. we're going to be using woocommerce to do this and click access. now, before you link your store, just make sure you're logged into wordpress. so i'm logged into my store here- ideademosite in my dashboard in another tab. so just make sure you're logged in before you try to connect your store to dss. also, make sure that you're logged into your aliexpress account. so, over aliexpresscom, just go to account and sign in. you can create an account or just sign in with a google account. so there we are all signed into aliexpress and signed into wordpress. just makes things easier to link during this process. now it's going to ask for our website domain. for this demonstration, i've set up a starter template store over on ideademosite, so i'm going to pop that in as my store for this tutorial and click add store. it's going to go through and do the authorization process here. from here it's going to ask us to authorize access to our store, so we're just going to go ahead and click approve. now you will need to be logged into your wordpress woocommerce store for this to work. so make sure you've logged in already, like we mentioned before, but click approve and then the connection should finish up. now it's going to ask us to link to aliexpress, so i'm going to click that one and go ahead and agree to the terms of service here. now it's going to ask us which plan we'd like to use. so for this tutorial, we're just going to use the free plan. the free plan is actually very generous. you can run up to three stores with 3 000 products, so that's more than enough to get started. i think the main difference you get when you use these paid plans is access to the affiliate program. here now, the affiliate program lets you make a few more percentage points of revenue based on how much sales you're doing. so it's not really worth it until you're making quite a decent amount of sales- i would say at least 500 or a thousand dollars of sales a month- before these ones become worth it. so just start out with a free plan and then move on to these advanced and pro options as you gain more experience and your store becomes more successful and grows. all right. so let's just click, get started here now. it's going to run you through a four-step tutorial. let's just go through this quickly and click start the tutorial. first step is connecting dss to your wu store. we actually already did that step, so let's go ahead and click next. you can actually link more stores, so that's pretty cool as well. go ahead and click next there. then we're going to link dss to our aliexpress account, so that'll be the next step and then we just have to start adding products to our store and finally we have to set up a shipping method and then we can place orders as they come in. and here it's just going to remind you that dss will synchronize automatikally with your store so it'll handle your order status and tracking numbers, it'll automatikally sync the tracking numbers to woocommerce and it'll automatikally trigger woocommerce shipping confirmation emails to your customers. so very, very automated process, very easy to use and finally, you should avoid manually fulfilling the orders. let ds's automatikally handle this for you. so best to avoid manual fulfillment whenever possible. and don't worry that i skipped through this part pretty quickly. you can always get back to that tutorial with this little light bulb icon. so let's get on to the rest of the tutorial so we can just click ok on this automatik synchronization message. click got it and, like i said earlier, you can always get back to that tutorial by clicking that light bulb down there and that will take us back to our tutorial, so you can find those tips again at any time. all right, so so far you should have your aliexpress account linked and then you should see the store that you linked there. so that's our first two steps. now let's head over to settings. let's head up to the top here under account, and let's verify our email address before we get too far into this. so let's send verification email now. it's just going to tell you to follow the link in the email that was just sent. so let's head over to our gmail. we've got our email setting here for our confirmation. let's go ahead and confirm and there's our success message. this is going to forward us back to our account, and here we are. so that step is all done, all right, now let's continue with our settings. so the next step here is shipping. now, by default, you've got global here. if you click the arrow there, the default option is aliexpress standard shipping. that's f.

Como Criar uma LOJA DE DROPSHIPPING no WooCoomerce, WordPress e Elementor [AliExpress e Dsers]

Neste vídeo eu vou te ensinar a criar uma loja virtual Dropshipping Com WordPress, Elementor e WooCommerce e o processador de pedido de Dsers. Fala, pessoal, tudo bem, Aqui é a Micaela do Descomplicando Sites e antes de ir para o tutorial, tô passando para te pedir para deixar um like aqui nesse vídeo, que você sabe que ajuda demais canal a crescer, e a te convidar a se inscrever no canal, se você ainda não for inscrito. Tá, bom, então é isso. vamos lá para a tela do meu computador agora. Então vamos lá. pessoal, antes de começar aqui o tutorial, eu tenho alguns avisos para dar para vocês, que são orientações Para poder seguir o projeto. escutem, Ouçam atentamente, tá, porque esses avisos são muito importantes. primeiro, esse vídeo, como você pode ter percebido, tem muitas horas, né. então, se você tiver achando que eu tô falando rápido ou devagar demais, você pode vir aqui no YouTube na engrenagem, vir aqui em velocidade. você pode colocar mais rápido ou mais devagar, tá, OK. outra coisa: você vai perceber que durante o vídeo eu vou usar muitos materiais, muitos ícones, fotos, códigos, coisas que você vai precisar para usar aqui no seu projeto, e todo o material, vídeos que eu vou citando também de outras coisas para você assistir, depois fica aqui na descrição do vídeo. tá, você vem aqui, clica em mostrar mais que vai abrir o restante da descrição, os nossos links aqui que a gente indica, por exemplo a hospedagem, que a gente indica o nosso link de afiliado aqui da hospedagem, fica aqui. O plugin elementor, que a gente indica o nosso link fica aqui. se você puder comprar com o nosso link, vai ajudar demais a gente a trazer mais conteúdo como esse para você aqui no canal. tá, e tem aqui embaixo ó o link do canal do telegram. Esse é um dos mais importantes porque você, clicando aqui no canal do telegram, você vai ter acesso ao nosso canal e aqui a gente dá avisos, a gente compartilha muita coisa com vocês e se você clicar aqui em cima ó presta atenção que muita gente chega aqui não sabe onde é que tá, você vai vir aqui, vai clicar em cima do nome e aqui tem um link que fica sempre aqui, que é o link do nosso drive com o material aqui que a gente usa nos nossos tutoriais. então, se você clicar nesse link você vai vir para esse drive aqui. tá vendo ó tem muitos materiais aqui de várias aulas, porque tudo quanto é a aula que a gente precisa colocar alguma coisa que a gente deixa para vocês e aí você vai vir nessa pastinha escrito LemonShop, que é nome da loja que a gente está criando. tá, E aí, clicando aqui você vai ter acesso às imagens, banners, ícones, códigos. tudo que a gente tiver usado lá no projeto que eu vou disponibilizar vai ficar aqui. tá outra coisa: se você for iniciante, Eu recomendo que você Assista o vídeo duas vezes: a primeira para se familiarizar com a ferramenta e a segunda realmente colocando em prátika e fazendo aqui junto comigo no vídeo. Tá bom, então, pessoal, antes de começar né a criação do site, eu resolvi fazer uma introdução aqui para poder explicar para vocês o que é dropshipping. para quem não sabe, eu já fiz um tutorial ensinando a criar uma loja dropshipping aqui no canal e eu me surpreendi com a quantidade de pessoas que entra nesse mercado sem fazer a menor ideia do que que ele é. então, como eu sei que nesse vídeo provavelmente vai vir um monte de gente que não sabe também o que de fato é dropshipping, eu resolvi fazer essa breve descrição aqui, só para que vocês se situam. tá bom, eu fiz uma apresentaçãozinha aqui para poder acompanhar a gente. então, o que é dropshipping? eu vou falar o básico que você precisa saber. dropshipping é nada mais, nada menos do que um modelo de logístika. tá, eu até deixei Um textinho aqui para poder orientar vocês. né falando que o dropshipping é um modelo de e-commerce- que o lojista. no caso você atua como intermediário das vendas, sem precisar ter o produto no estoque. né quem tem o estoque, quem faz a entrega, o envio do produto, são os fornecedores, tá, e você, né no caso lojista, você apenas atrai clientes para sua loja através de marketing, de conteúdo, de anúncios, de blog, enfim qualquer estratégia que você queira usar. você atrás clientes para sua loja, recebe deles e aí compra do lojista. e lojista entrega para o cliente. tá, aqui eu fiz uma representação de como que funciona. né o cliente, ele se interessa pelo produto na sua loja, ele compra de você. né você, você coloca lá o seu gateway de pagamento, você recebe o dinheiro, aí você usa uma parte desse dinheiro para poder comprar o produto de fato. então, por exemplo, vamos supor que você está vendendo um fone de ouvido e esse fone de ouvido lá no AliExpress custa r$ 50. você, na sua loja, vai vender ele. eu vou fazer um cálculo assim ilustrativo: tá, pelo amor de Deus, você vai vender lá na sua loja. vamos supor de 250 porque? porque já tá incluindo o valor que você vai estar gastando para manutenção da loja, né os seus gastos com a loja, os seus gastos com anúncio. né então tem que ser um valor. você tem que vender por um valor que dê para você tirar o valor dos seus gastos com anúncio, com loja e tudo mais e Ainda sobra um lucro. ainda tem um valor que compensa para você vender aquele produto. né então o cliente vai comprar de você, vai te dar r$ 250, vai te pagar r$ 250, aí você vai pegar r$ 50, vai lá no AliExpress, enfim lá no, na plataforma que seja. aqui a gente vai fazer a loja com Aliexpress, Mas enfim, vai lá no AliExpress, compra o fone de ouvido por 50, coloca lá que você é dropshipper e coloca o endereço do cliente. então o fornecedor, né o dono, lá do fone de ouvido, no AliExpress, ele vai entregar direto para o seu cliente, não vai passar por você. você não precisa ter esse fone de ouvido na sua casa, o estoque desse fone de ouvido, você vai só intermediar essa venda, entendeu? E aí com isso a maior dúvida de todas: né Sempre tem nesse tipo de vídeo, povo sempre pergunta porque que o cliente vai comprar na sua loja e não comprar direto no AliExpress? Eu também fiz aqui Uma representaçãozinha para poder orientar Woa gente. então coloquei aqui alguns fatores. o primeiro deles é economia de tempo. até coloquei aqui né que o intuito seu é pegar produtos ali que se encaixa com a necessidade do seu cliente. muitas empresas fazem isso e não tem mal nenhum. você intermediar essa venda, você fazer o dropshipping, porque tem muita empresa grande que faz isso, como por exemplo. um modelo de logístika parecido é o da Magazine Luiza, né só que no deles é um Marketplace, mas é um modelo parecido. o produto não tá com a Magazine Luiza a maioria das vezes quando você vai olhar lá no site deles, a maioria dos produtos é vendido por outras pessoas. Então as pessoas compram na Magazine Luiza para economizar tempo, para não ter que buscar né na internet em vários outros lugares, e aí tá lá, tá mais fácil de pesquisar, é uma empresa confiável, é a pessoa compra deles. a mesma coisa com você. claro, se você fizer uma loja bem feita, confiável, redes sociais bem feitas, confiáveis, né Principalmente- que é o ideal- se você fizer um CNPJ, se você né tratar a sua loja como uma empresa mesmo e ela realmente for confiável, é muito mais fácil para o cliente ir lá e comprar o produto através de você, que já tá ali na frente dele que é uma empresa confiável, do que ele tem que perder tempo testando lá Aliexpress, que a gente sabe que Infelizmente nem todos os fornecedores são bons, Às vezes o produto não chega com qualidade boa né E às vezes eles podem ficar um pouco receosos de comprar direto na plataforma. entende-se que se você está vendendo, né na sua loja você já tenha confiança nesse fornecedor, né que você não vai vender um produto que não presta, senão seus clientes não vão comprar mais. então isso tudo já contribui para a pessoa querer comprar de você e não perder tempo testando lá na Aliexpress. segundo ponto: confiar na compra, que eu já até Entrei um pouquinho nesse ness.