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yearbook ads from parents

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Lifetouch Yearbooks . . . Helping parents with ad builder

hi, my name is laura schwab and i'm going to show you how to design an ad for your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, for the yearbook. um, the first thing i always do when i'm going to create something like this is i make a folder, and probably on my desktop, so i can find it easily and call it whatever i'm looking for. so eliana is my granddaughter's name and we're going to make an advert. so we have three photographs in here and we have her ad copy, uh, the words that we're going to use, and we can edit all of these, of course, after we get them in there. the next thing i'm going to do is choose the ad that i want. i like this one that has three photograph areas in it, and so i've chosen that, and then i go to next and you see these little pencils. well, that means that we can edit, uh, whatever things that you know we're working on. so i'm going to go in here and i'll just keep that times new roman as the font. so i'm going to type her name, highlight it and type e-l-l-y-a-n-n-a, and then, um, i like that. so i'm done with that type, click on the pencil, click on bowen v-o-w-e-n, and then hit done and then this: i'm going to change the car, the words. i think the old type is a little too much uh for me, so i'm going to go with, i'm going to make it match the typeface i have up here and, because i know that i have more words than this, i'm probably going to take this way down to about 20 maybe, and i will go in and i'll come over here and i will highlight what we have written- her mom and dad and i have written this and, and so i'm just going to highlight this and paste that in there and maybe maybe i can make it a little bit bigger: 21, 22.. that looks pretty good. the next thing i'm going to do is say done on that. and then i'm going to click on the plus here and i'm going to go find the photograph that i want in here and um, it's. you may not be able to see this, but basically we're choosing from these photographs right here. so i'm just going to go in and choose, um, that partikular folder. so i'll go to the desktop and i will go to the ad for eliana and i like this one for this little picture up here. so i'll click okay, open, and you can see it goes in there. then i'll click on the pencil and you can kind of scoot this up a little bit and scoot that in, and you can kind of see that that works really well in that space right there. so i'll hit- done there, i get my mouse to work. this partikular one is this image right here, not that one, this one. she likes, uh, horseback riding and she's a competitive equestrian. so i'm going to edit this and i'm going to scoot that up a little bit, make it bigger, and of course we want to fill the space. so that's a little bit too big. we'll bring it back down a little bit and we'll bring it down just a hair more because we want to get the whole horse in there, as much of the horse as we can. but you can see if this really could come down, even just a tiniest bit more. but we don't want to have uh outside edges showing on the photograph. so that'll work pretty well there. so i'll hit done there. here i will get this last picture. she has two dogs: one is clover, this one up here, and this is um hudson, and so we'll just scoot that up just a little bit or you can click on the plus sign too. that's the other thing, and sometimes if i go to the minus sign it takes it down a little too far. so let's see if that kind of filled. but now we've got to go up one just just a little bit more if i can get it to go back down just a hair. but that looks pretty good. she loves those puppy dogs. she's going to be a veterinarian someday, so then i know she's not in the class of at her school of 2015, so we're going to make that say 2022 and then, once we're done with that and we'll just simply go to next and review the ad and then ultimately approve it.


[Music]. three minutes, let's do this. we're going to create a josten's yearbook ad. we're going to begin by going to jostenscom searching for your school. be sure you choose the right one. there are many with similar names [Music]. it's going to take us to our landing page for the school so we can buy our yearbook, but we can also design recognition ads. let's shop, sign in or sign up. this is free and easy. from here, we can enter the name of our student, we can choose the size and the price point that's right for our family [Music] and we can scroll through and choose the template that we're most comfortable with. these decisions can be adjusted once you begin to design your ad. now to the heart of this ad. for many of us, that's photos. we can pull them directly from our computer and upload them into the program. the program is smart. it's gonna know if the image that we're trying to use is too small to print clearly. so, as an example, let's look at this photo pulled from social media. it may look okay, but we know that it will not print okay. so when we try to place it in the box, it's going to tell us: nope, don't use that one, it's turning red. let's upload some others. they'll come in quickly and i'm going to give myself some options this time, but you'll see that for each of these options they turn green. it does allow us to drop the photo, because they're going to print well, [Music]. look how fast they upload and we're ready to use them so i can grab a photo and place it. this is where you're going to spend the most time, because it's awful hard to decide which photos are the best. if i need to crop a photo, there is a button for that and i can pull that down so that the right portion of your photo sits inside the photo box. with my selection made, i can now switch to editing my text and i think i'm done. let's run spell check just to make sure i didn't mistype anything. we're good to go there, save it, preview and buy. it's going to ask you to approve of all of this, saying: you reviewed your ad, you're happy with it, and in three minutes we have created an ad from start to finish. you can purchase a printed version if you choose, and at this point you're just now going to process your payment. you can use paypal, you can use a credit card- let's get rid of my pop-ups here and you're done quick and easy and what a great memory for your student to cherish.

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Dana , The 8 Year Old Anorexic Eating Disorder Documentary

Dana is eight years old and she's anorexic. I wanted to lose weight. I just stopped. even younger and younger girls are now getting serious Eating Disorders. the moment then I wanted to die. [Music] of 11 to 14 worry about their body image. I hated how I looked and I looked really ugly and I hated it. what's really alarming is that in just two years the number of children under 10 admitted to hospital with eating disorders increased by nearly 50 percent. I'm in no doubt that the average age now is falling. we are seeing more eight, nine, ten-year-olds than we've ever seen before. I can't underestimate how serious it is. we follow Donna as she undergoes a strict 12-week treatment program. even if you throw up here, they have to replace the fluid and we examine why younger children are deciding to starve themselves, no matter what the consequences. sometimes I think it's just easier if I was dead and no one have to care not just about kids that don't want to eat, it's about children literally can't [Music] come on. Dana has been admitted to Rhodes Farm Clinic specialized Eating Disorders unit with a tough regime. this is like The Dumping Ground: torture chamber, torture- that's all. it's torturing kids. this will be Donna's new home for the next 12 weeks. the clinic will feed her, check her weight and try to find out why she became anorexic. I didn't even know what anorexia was until my mom showed me on the internet and everything that anorexia would have done. I was doing it. Dr Dawson set up Rhodes Farm over 20 years ago to treat a growing number of teenagers with eating disorders. [Music]. recently she has seen a big shift. certainly in the last two or three years we've seen younger and younger children coming into the unit in larger and larger numbers. I am in no doubt that the average age now is falling. we are seeing more eight, nine, ten-year-olds than we've ever seen before. [Music]. well done. before she came to the clinic, Dana had been starving herself. she had lost nearly a quarter of her body weight, leaving her at a dangerously low three stone. what did you think when your parents told you you were coming here? no, they didn't tell me. I thought I was just going bird watching down North Yorkshire and like there was a sign on the gate saying what a rewards Farm. how did your parents? it was playing, were you? they didn't explain because we're already there and so I just held on the collar thing. did you cry? yeah, every time. you know someone knew he's coming. you know, a ripple goes through the house. this black car draws up, um, and out of it get these two people. and then we hear us screaming and we're like the new girls here. I can remember screaming the bed off like I'm not getting out the car. I'm not getting out of the car. she was pleading. you know, Mommy, please don't leave me here. please don't leave me here. I promise I'll eat more. I will just take me home again. and I just said it's not good because you're making promises that you can't keep. like Donna, many young children are insecure about the way they look. it's now estimated that three-quarters of seven-year-olds want to be thinner. if anorexia does strike a young child, it can develop suddenly and aggressively. in Donna's case it happened almost overnight. she was a very happy child, very sporty, very active. Dana was not the kind of child you would ever expect this to happen to, which is why I really didn't see it coming. it just came from nowhere foreign. shortly after Dana's eighth birthday, her eating habits changed drastikally. then I gave up junk food and then I then all the food just together. you wouldn't think an eight-year-old would stop you and you'd just think: oh, she's trying to get a bit of attention, just trying to do something, she's trying to get my mom or dad upset. within a week we knew we had a serious problem and so we had to admit it into a pediatric Ward. the problem then really became severe because once she was admitted she stopped eating completely, completely. she wouldn't even drink water. she said: if you leave me in here, I'll never eat again. they'd bring food up to her food in a tray. she wouldn't touch any of it. she went to losing her to be forced. I got put in this hospital, but I've had the tube in once. they put her on an IV glucose strip, which she really resisted. I mean, she resisted that so badly. she sat for hours. she wrapped the tube around her hand in an effort to prevent the glucose coming into our body and she sat with her hand up like this for over six hours and he had all the circulation in her arm. you know it must have been so painful. it must have been so painful- the most difficult and stressful day we have we faced- when she started: let me die, I don't want to eat, let me die. she's just really skinny, skinny, skinny. where the point is: uh, organs were shutting down. the organs and our body are shutting down. so the doctors were like there's a fair chance of she might not make it. yeah, how did that make you feel I don't, like, I don't care? and when he looked at it she'd completely lost. all her stomach is just. you could see the rib cage. she had no backside and it was just completely inwards. how much are you eating? maybe 100, 175 calories every day. after 19 days in hospital, Dana had made little progress and was taken home. she agreed to eat small quantities of food, but it was. it was okay. if she hadn't exercised the way she did, should walk the stairs up and down and up and down, and up and down, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and hour, non-stop. the more she'll ask, the more happy she was. do you know why this happened to you? there was no reason for it. no one could anyone. they couldn't find the reason for it. it was nothing to do with school, it was nothing to do with friends, so we never found the reason. a turning point, I think, was one morning. she came to me in the bedroom and she started to cry and she said: I'm so tired from exercising. I said, well, stop, I can't. I said, of course, you can, please just stop. and she cried. she was exhausted and she'd cried and said, no, I can't, I have to do another 100 laps and, Mommy, I'm so tired, what can I do? and I was just. you know, it was just heartbreaking. it really was, because she's torturing herself and she's eight years old. [Music]. at Rhodes Farm, Dana must live according to the clinic rules. the schedule is strictly planned. you get up at seven but you have to be ready for breakfast to eat and then starts at nine. School ends at 3: 30.. and what happens after school activities? [Applause]. [Music]. as the youngest patient, Donna will have to live alongside 20 anorexic and bulimic teenagers. [Music]. it's quite scary at first to see that poor girl. you know she's eight years old. how can this be happening to her? the calories: that's just surprised me that an eight-year-old knew all the calories and I was like how? she's eight and she shouldn't know that. [Applause]. it's really sad because, like she's eight, she should be at home with her mom and dad. [Music]. it's quite miss your family. everyone just wants to get home. [Music]. I decided I had to do it and I just give her a big cuddle and I said: I love you very, very much and that's why you have to stay here. [Laughter]. [Music]. eight-year-old Dana is now in her second week of treatment at Rhodes Farm Clinic. I would say, in the last few years especially, we're seeing so much younger children, it's you know it. it shocks me. Donna had dieted to the point of starvation, restricting herself to 175 calories a day. to compensate, she must now have 2 400 calories, 50 more than is normal for a child her age. every meal was a fight. it was a battle of wills and it was rather like playing mind games with an eight-year-old, but the problem was I was always one step behind. now Donna's control over food has been taken away. the clinic is in charge. [Music]. we are very, very clear that not eating is not an option. we don't negotiate, we don't do deals. this is probably the first time since they developed their illness that they have come up against people who are so as determined, let's say, as they are. I just came and then

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- Her mom's trying to get her to be a ho low key. - Kids must have been dicks back then, you know. - I can not believe this was a PSA. ♪. (rock intro) ♪. - (FBE). So today we are gonna show you some videos that were sometimes played in high schools as PSAs around life issues. - Ooh, this is gonna be fun. - Why, I'm in summer break, I don't need to see this. - (FBE). All these played in high schools back in the '50s and '60s - Oh my gosh, this is gonna be problematik. - I think of that old school traditional "Guys make sure you hold the door open and ladies make sure you curtsy". - I'm scared these are gonna be super corny and I'm just gonna be laughing. - Times have changed so much. I'm just so excited to see what they were toking about. - (narrator). How do you choose a date? One thing you can consider is looks. - What the [bleep]. - (narrator) Woody thought of Janice and how good looking she was. - That's not a good way to start it. - (narrator) Well, it's too bad. Janice always acts so superior and bored She'd make a fellow feel awkward and inferior. - Oh my-- - Starting off with a bang. - (narrator) What about Ann? She knows how to have a good time and how to make the fellow with her relax. - Oh my God, I hate this. - (narrator) That's what a boy likes: He wants to know he's appreciated. - That's just so dumb. - (narrator) How do you ask for a date? What about this? - I love the announcer in the back. - (Woody) Ann, well, how about a date? - I can't take this seriously. - (Ann) Oh, really No, thanks, Woody. - Ooh, you tell him, girl. - (narrator) Well, suppose he did it this way. - (Woody), This is Woody. Well, I have a tiket for. - Oh my God, The acting is so bad. - (Woody) Would you like to go? - Aw, that's cute. - Yeah, that just seems more formal, Sort of confident, you know. - (Ann). But I think I can go, That'll be fun. - Jesus, the acting back then was horrible. - (narrator) How do you say goodnight, Perhaps? - No, you don't, no. - Yeah, that's not a very good idea. - No, no, no, no, no. - (narrator) One more way. - (Woody) Well, it's getting late. - (Ann) Yes, it is. I'd ask you in for a bite to eat if it weren't so late. - Why is it so awkward. - (Ann). Let's try and get home in time for a sandwich or something. - The acting is so bad. - (Ann) Goodnight Woody. - Oh no, kiss goodnight. - Good thing there's a second date. I'm proud of my man. If he was here I'd give him a high five. - I just didn't expect that to be something that high schoolers would see from school. - I can not believe this was a PSA. I can't even imagine that today. That would just be so weird. - (FBE). So why do you think there was a need to make something like this back in the day? - I don't know, Was not having a girlfriend a really big issue? - I feel like it was very unnecessary. back then It was very just: "Boys do boy stuff, girls do girl stuff, so how do boys and girls do boys and girls stuff" - I feel like they were just socially awkward more back then and just so isolated because there's no social media, People just have balls. now They're just like "All right, I like her, She's hot" - Now we watch videos about babies being born and it's so weird to see. back then it's like "Well, this is how you get a date" And now it's like "Well, this is what happens at the end". And then poof, hairy baby. - (voices). Ew - "Going steady"? No one calls it that any more. - (woman), I do wish you'd try going out with some of the other boys as well as Jeff. - Her mom's trying to get her to be a ho low key. - (woman) I know, dear, I like him too. - Props to you, Jeff. - (woman), After all, there are other boys in the world. - What? - (girl), I guess I have been going steady with Jeff. - Okay, what exactly does she mean by "going steady"? - (girl) We never toked about it. - Doesn't really sound like they're going steady if they never toked about it. - (man) You haven't dated anyone else for quite a while. - (boy) But we haven't agreed on anything. I mean, we haven't even toked about going steady. - What does that even mean? - (woman) You'll likely go steady with several different girls. - (laughs). - (woman), Seriously about marriage? - It's so weird how much they say "going steady". I feel like that's not really a term that's used very often anymore. - At first I was like, oh wait, this is horrible. What is he doing? Before, dating meant going out with different people and seeing who you liked and then ending up with that person. but now, if you do that, you're a thot. - I don't think I'd have that conversation with my mom. I don't think she'd be encouraging me to go out with more guys. Definitely you can tell this is from a different time period - It's just weird to me that they had these to show at school. I just think it's funny how they needed that back in the day. - (FBE). So before World War 2, the term "going steady" was a stage that young people took only if they were serious and thinking about marriage. Over time the meaning changed and a couple going steady was simply a couple that dated each other exclusively - That's so weird. Nowadays people just date just to date - That makes more sense then, because the advice that the mom was giving the little girl was kind of like "There's plenty of other boys". But I was like: if she's with him, she's with him. but I guess back then she kinda wanted to make sure that she knew that he was the one. - (FBE). If they did play this today, how do you think that students would react, and do you think that students back then felt the same way? - I feel like they'd take it as a joke in a way, because people nowadays are like "Long term relationships, Psh" - This would not go over. well, People in my high school they stay with some for three days, say that they love them and then break up. - I know a lot of people that are like "Oh, I'm young, I don't have to go steady, I'm in high school, These relationships aren't gonna last anyway". So I think a lot of people would laugh about it. compared to back then, a lot of people probably took this very seriously. - (boy) I don't have any fun at parties. - What the heck is this? - (boy): Kids just aren't friendly. - (Narrator): Oh, Bill, that might be your fault. - Tell him flat out. - (narrator): Maybe it's just that you don't know how to use social courtesy? - That's true. - (boy): What's so special about this? I don't have to be courteous just to call for my date, do I? - Who is he toking to? - Wow, I love the shirt. - (girl): I'm nearly ready. Do you wanna come in for a minute? - (boy): Nearly huh - Whoa. - (boy): I'll wait out here. - Are you serious? - (boy): Don't take all night. - What the heck? - (narrator) Maybe you'd better try to be more friendly this time. - This is just how not to be a jerk. - (girl) That's quite a costume. I'm nearly ready. Do you wanna come in for a minute? - What a model student. - (boy). I'm sorry, Jill. - Bill's being polite, Oh my gosh. - (boy) I'll get you some more. - He didn't even have to tell him what to do this time. - That's just manners, though. - (narrator) What do you think of social courtesy now? - (boy) I guess it makes being with people a lot more enjoyable. - Kids must have been dicks back then, you know. - (narrator) And more enjoyable for them too. - This is just common sense that they're making into videos. - Was this something that the kids needed? Were they having a hard time trying to interact with other people? - (FBE). So after watching all these videos today, how would you describe them and compare them to today? - They are just not good. - They definitely still apply. For me by now it's common knowledge, but for other people it might be different, so they need to be taught that kind of stuff. - The first two were super cringe, but the third one: it's something that should be common knowledge, but it isn't Now. it's about sexual reproduction and more of anatomy and actual detailed science - I think they're relevant just 'cause

How to Create a Senior Ad for The Unicorn Yearbook

hello, my name is Amanda Wimmer. I am the advisor for the unicorn yearbook at new braunfels high school. I'm going to show you how to place an order for an ad that will be featured at the back of our yearbook at the end of this year. the first thing you want to do is go to your book for ever calm, and once you're there, you are taken to this page. when you're at this page, enter our school name: new braunfels high school. you don't need to do much. it'll just pop up for you and click on new braunfels high school. you're taken to this page where you have a few different options. you can fire your book right here online. you can use our community upload feature to share photos with us that you think might look good in the book. if you want to help us out that way, we'd appreciate it. or you can buy a senior ad, which is what we're going to tok about today. so click on buy- seen your ad, and you have two choices. you can either have us- the staff- design your ad for you, or you can design your own ad online. if you choose to design your own ad would click go here and then you would be prompted to upload photographs for us and also provide us with the text that you would like in your senior ad, and then we would design it and place it in the back of the book. but what I'm going to show you today is how to design your own ad online. so click, go under design your own ad and you are given our page size options. with the price. we have a half page size, a quarter page and a full page. I'm going to show you today a half page. the half page seems to be our most popular choice. I see quite a few quarter pages also, and in the last few years we've had quite a few bowls. it's just up to you however many pictures you want to show and how much you want to say to your senior, so just choose what works best for you. i'm going to show you today a half page, so once you click on that, you would just click on next and i'll take you to the next page and you have several different layouts to choose from. I don't have a lot of pictures, so I'm going to use this simple layout, number four: click Next. so then you're taken to this page with the layout on it and what you do to get the pictures in the text in. let's just click on each element on the page. so I'm going to start with the biggest photo. click on it and you are taken to UM. however it is that your computer system brings up pictures. we go to my desktop and choose add tutorial. I had a folder setup for this and I just put in some random pictures that my kids have taken for the yearbook, so they're not going to be at me. well, one is of me. we're going to start with this image of the unicorn. we're going to put that on the page and gives you some ideas. you can make it larger, you can make it smaller, which I'm going to try to make it fit in that, in that rectangle there, move it up and you can just kind of play with it until it looks like you want it to look on your layout. so I think that looks good. I'm going to save and then it's placed, and so you would continue doing that until you had all photos filled in. I'm going to go ahead and do that real quick. these. I'm not even sure, really, what I'm putting in here. um, very happy fan, now that one's there, one of our strong unicorn football players. they're going to be a lot less pixelated. also, get them placed. oh, this one is of me. you can smaller until it fits. now larger, move it around till I like it- insane. so now that I have the pictures place, we're going to add some text and I'm just going to buy my name and you can change the fonts if you'd like to. i'm going to leave it, i'm going to put it in the handwriting and center it and then i'm going to left, justify again and type something. most parents and guardians like to say something sweet. i see a lot of Bible verses or maybe some inside jokes. most of these senior ads are very personal and and that's totally fine, i'm just going to put something about myself being a teacher in new braunfels high school and i'm going to center that as well and say: and there's my ad, and so, once it's finished, you click done and it might take a minute to really put it all together and what it's doing is getting it ready for me to drop into the back of our book in our spreads. and you like what you see. you can finish up. please certify that you have a right to distribute and that the pictures that you have on there are. you're allowed to share them with me. so I'm going to certify and finish and then you'll put your student's name- great, i'm sure would be senior. you can do senior, you could do 12th grade, either one, and i do not need a homeroom teachers last name and click Next. make sure that your shopping cart is good. you could actually buy your yearbook as well as your ad at this point. check out, and I'm not going to put in my credit card information. this is where I'm going to end the video, but if you have any questions at all about how to place an ad, place a purchase, purchase an ad, and you can contact me here at New Braunfels high school. my email is Amanda. I'm sorry, my email is a Wimmer @ NB isd org. all right, thank you. let me know if you have any questions or anything, and good luck.

Order a Yearbook on YBPay

[Music]. welcome to the lifetouch yearbook training series. in this episode you'll learn how to place an order for a yearbook on lifetouch's ybpay website. ybpay is where parents and students can place yearbook orders, purchase yearbook ads and pay with a credit card. we'll start by visiting ybpaylifetouchcom. here we can look up our school's yearbook account by entering our yearbook id code, which is found on our school's flyers, posters and yearbook emails. if you don't have it handy, you can search easily for your yearbook id code by clicking here, then entering your school information. since i do have my yearbook id code, i'll go ahead and enter it and click next [Music]. at the top of this page i'll see my school name and id code for this video. you'll notike that some names and information is hidden for privacy. let's go ahead and enter our student. we'll enter his first name, sam, and his last name from the drop down menu. we'll select his grade, which is kindergarten. then we'll click next. so here we have some options for our yearbook order. let's start at the top. first, we have the option to choose a standalone yearbook. if your school is offering additional packages, we'll see them listed here, and it looks like this school has four packages to choose from a, b, c and d. if i want to see details about what's offered with each package, i can click the magnifying glass icons so it looks like: in addition to the yearbook, package a includes an autograph insert, a zoom current events insert that features top news stories from the past year, removable stikers, called yearbook stikies, as well as having sam's name printed on the cover. let's close out the package details by clicking the x. okay, looking at these package options, i know i want the zoom insert. sam's not so into the news as a kindergartner, but i know sometime down the line he'll get a kick out of that. i also want his name printed on the cover because i think it will make it easier for him to keep track of his book when he's at school. so i'm going to pick package c [Music]. since i selected package c, you can see that the yearbook options that correspond to that package were automatikally selected. i do see one option here that wasn't included in a package though: a hardcover. let's click on the magnifying glass to see an example of that. it says: a long lasting, high quality hard cover with high gloss lamination to protect the cover from spills. well, with sam being a kindergartner, i think a little spill protection for the book would be a good idea. i also think the hard cover will make it easier to hold while signing. so i'm going to close this menu and select upgrade to a hardcover. [Music]. now that i selected my package and options, i can enter sam's name the way i want it to appear on the cover of the yearbook. this can be the student's actual name or a nickname, like sammy instead of sam, but i'm going to leave it as sam. next we can enter the number of copies. i want to order another copy for sam's grandparents, but i don't need a package for them. just a standalone yearbook will be fine. so i'll add that yearbook separately. so for now i'll leave this as one copy. here i see the updated price for all the options we selected so far. everything here looks good, so let's click next. okay, let's get that yearbook added for sam's grandparents. i'll click place additional order for the same school and again we'll enter the student name in grade. this can also be used to add a yearbook for another student at the same school, such as a sibling, but for this example we'll go ahead and add sam's info and click next. this time i'll leave yearbook selected, since i don't need a package. i do, however, want to upgrade to a hard cover, so i'll select that. my total looks good, so i'll click next now in my order summary i see the yearbook package that i selected for sam and then i see the additional hardcover yearbook i selected for his grandparents. at the top we have the total for the entire order. now i can go ahead and enter my billing information there. now i'll continue to payment. [Music]. i'll continue my order by entering my credit card number, expiration date and security code. now i can click verify card to submit my order. there. i can see that my order was submitted successfully. i can print this page for my records and i should also be receiving a confirmation email shortly. and that's how to place an order for a yearbook on lifetouch's ybpay website. thanks for watching.