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yoga mat dropshipping

Published on: December 30 2022 by pipiads


[Music],a little bit of background for that so,you will have seen in my Aussie online,entrepreneurs training program that I,have got recommended categories that I,believe a good categories to go into and,also categories that are I think a,nightmare for you to go into,partikularly for your first product even,your second product it's not all,categories are equal and so Jessica is,referencing that because one of the,categories that I'm going to say you,should definitely steer clear of is yoga,mats and activewear yes probably that a,little bit too but for a different,reason so let's go through them yoga,mats are something that every Amazon man,and his Amazon dog wants to sell and I,can understand why cuz I do yoga yoga is,freaking awesome it's the only way I can,stay sane in this crazy crazy world so I,would want to sell yoga mats too however,here we are on amazon.com au well let's,just do some basic basic searching about,yoga mats to see what the competitive,landscape is for yoga mats so here we go,yoga mat let's just leave it oh beurre,blanc so we can get some results,amazon.com de au 10,000 results for yoga,mats now the thing is I love yoga but I,would never sell yoga mats and it's,because lots of new people what come,into Amazon search start selling yoga,mats and what happens is you can very,very quickly if you do things properly,and follow my instructions,get yourself onto page 1 for the search,term yoga mat which would mean awesome,you'd be making sales but because it's,one of those categories where so many,new people come into it all the time,super popular category they will come in,with what I call stupid money so they've,got cash burning a hole in,their marketing pocket and they want to,start setting their yoga mat so what do,they do well they launch their product,onto Amazon and they will give away,their product at a steep discount they,will run ads they'll throw lots and lots,of money at this partikular thing to do,exactly what you have just done ranked,on page one position one okay and that,happens new people coming in all the,time because it's a super super popular,thing to sell so whilst it's easy if you,know what you're doing to rank you very,very quickly get knocked off the top,spot because it's the nature of the,beast to do that and I don't think that,makes it a smart place for you to start,selling things there's much better,places for you to start selling thing in,fact all of those yoga things have,become crazy in that respect because,yoga's become such a huge thing not only,in Australia but right around the world,and so because of that every man and his,dog wants to sell those products so,that's why I don't have it on my list of,things and indeed whenever we chat with,the coach mastermind so the lovely,lovely Kate Ingham and Pipper,and Mick and Sam etc we always tok,about new clients of ours new people,coming in to AoE who want to start,selling yoga mats and we instantly put,them off it because it is a road to,expensive ruin because of that because,it's such a popular thing okay now let's,just backtrack that doesn't mean that,all popular things you shouldn't sell,doesn't mean that it just means that,Yoga is a partikular thing and there's a,few of us as well but Yoga is a,partikular thing where so many people,come into it all the time it attracts a,lot of stupid money the stupid money,gets spent and then there ad are there,never to be seen again all right and,they go oh I'm a zone doesn't work,Amazon doesn't work I blown all my money,no I was on does work and the very,reason,it works so well is the very reason you,blew all your money alright so there's,that now on the back of that Jessica,also says what about activewear so,female activewear and I could look at,female activewear all day long truth be,told woman's active we're so active,where is a great great niche but,clothing is one of those categories,where you have got to either nail your,brand outside of Amazon and then send,people to Amazon to buy or you've got to,go compete with on price with other,people so that's your two real options,for most clothing categories on Amazon,you either got a nail your brand and,think of inactive wear Lululemon for,instance has done a wonderful job of,nailing the brand outside of Amazon and,then they sell on Amazon as well and,that's a way that you can get a lot of,money by doing that or you compete on,price great images yadda yadda yadda and,that's and then you try and build your,brand that way but that on activewear,and clothing in general you're going to,be competing with indians and there's,you think the Chinese guys what about,the Chinese believe me indians are,masters at selling clothing they are,there's regions of India like Gujarat,and places like that where they're just,dedicated to selling clothes and they,are absolutely brilliant at doing it and,they just hammer it on price because,they can make their clothes much cheaper,than you can so unless you've got a,great brand you'll be competing on price,and that's a bit of a monk's game so,that's why I don't recommend that either,for your first product because it's a,more advanced strategy build your brand,outside use Amazon as one of your,distribution channels hope that helps,hey thanks so much for watching that,video and I hope that you got some,massive value from it before you go do,you live,in Australia if you do this is for you,would you like to learn how to sell,things on Amazon here in Australia would,you like to know what sells really,really well and what sells for the,maximum amount of profit would you like,to know where you can source those,products from whether that be in China,or here in Australia and how to source,them so you pay bottom bottom dollar and,get maximum value for what you're doing,if you do please subscribe to my channel,and like this video and you'll learn,that and much much more,it's the exact same information that,people like Jeff from New South Wales,I've used to make forty five thousand,dollars a month on Amazon that sue who's,from the sunny coast has used to,purchase herself a brand spanking BMW,every single year as a result of her,ecommerce business and the lovely Kate,from Beryl in New South Wales has used,to make thirty two thousand dollars a,year on sorry a month not a year a month,on Amazon and indeed Anthony who makes,fifteen thousand dollars a month on,Amazon selling as he puts it,odds and sods if you'd like to learn the,exact same information that they use to,maximize their profits for their Amazon,businesses subscribe to this Lydia video,like my channel a post below if you want,me to teach you something okay I'm outta,here,speech you soon bye subscribe subscribe,do it now,[Music],you

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

you know what despite the several,successful dropshipping case studies on,this channel i still occasionally get,people leaving comments like drop,shipping is dead if it was ever properly,alive to begin with increasing e packet,rate it literally kills drop shipping,it's too late for this business,most businesses fail i will never waste,my time and money trying to start a,business ever again and if you're smart,you'll do the same thing,hmm yeah well okay obviously i strongly,disagree with those comments because,here's the thing a lot of people will,say things like drop shipping is dead or,it's too late or businesses don't work,and the reason why they're saying these,things is because they are making,several assumptions that are all wrong,and so if you are looking to start a,store it's crucial then that you,understand what these assumptions are,before you start drop shipping so that,unlike these people your store can be,successful because no it is not too late,one people won't buy from you they'll,just buy from amazon instead but wait,sarah you ask why would anyone buy,products from me if they can buy,products directly from amazon themselves,now it is absolutely true that if you,head on over to amazon that you will,find lots of products that can be,purchased directly from aliexpress,sitting on amazon's digital shelf as,well and of course if customers were to,purchase your products on amazon they,would then get to take advantage of,their prime two-day shipping so how on,earth could drop shippers successfully,dropship these guitar coffee spoons with,two to three week shipping via china's,cheapest fastest shipping option a,packet when a customer could come and,buy them on amazon with two-day shipping,i mean come on sarah just think about it,amazon is only growing in q3 2019 their,product sales were up over 17,from the same time in 2018. won't amazon,steal away all of our sales,no,no they will not you see here's the,thing there is some truth to these,comments amazon is arguably the better,deal for usa citizens it is better for,the consumer to purchase the products on,amazon so if they figure out that the,product that you are selling them is,indeed on amazon for purchase you can,bet that amazon will take that sale away,from you but you know what we literally,don't care and you know what drop,shippers never have the sorts of people,who see a product and decide that,they're going to research the absolute,best deal for it were never our,customers in the first place nope it's,the 44 of people that impulsively,purchase products online that we are,targeting and of course as shown by how,millennials are even more prone to,impulsive purchases with 80 of them,impulsively buying products the overall,percentage of impulse e-commerce,purchases for us to target as drop,shippers is only growing and growing you,see successful drop shipping stores are,built around that target customer the,type of customer that enjoys impulsively,purchasing products it also means that,the successful drop shipping stores are,usually built around selling products,that spike an emotion in a customer that,makes them think i need to buy this,right now it's why this aliexpress dog,caller has made hundreds of thousands of,dollars,the advertising dropshippers used spike,fear and dog owners pointing out how,many dogs dying in car accidents each,year from not being seen that is why,when recently i saw this comment from,this viewer asking why their online,store wasn't successful i pretty much,instantly knew that the store would be,selling extremely boring products and lo,and behold i was right now of course,this is actually a print on demand store,not a drop shipping store but the exact,same principle applies why would,somebody want to buy this hoodie when,they can go to amazon and find cheaper,hoodies and shirts with inspirational,messages on there because here is the,reality typing vision in a plain white,circle is not exciting so let's compare,this hoodie to this hoodie what is the,difference between the two well the,difference is that one hoodie is very,boring and the other is extremely,interesting unique and unlike anything,people are likely to have seen before,which is why this hoodie's facebook,advertising campaign made so much money,for the successful aliexpress,dropshipping store freaky pet and of,course if you're ever wondering this,exact same answer applies to the people,that ask the question why would,customers not go directly to aliexpress,themselves well again it's because good,aliexpress drop shippers sell products,that trigger emotions on people and get,them to impulsively buy their products,so that they never even think to go,check if a product is on aliexpress,because they see and go that's so,amazing i must buy one now and by the,way if you've learned something from,this video and you would like to learn,even more about starting a successful,drop shipping store then be sure to,subscribe and click that little,notification bell next to it so that you,don't miss out on any of our videos two,dropshipping is a scam i just want to,quickly address this because these,comments are really dumb you know you,might have notiked that earlier in this,video i freely admitted that it would be,a fast superior financial choice for a,customer to buy this hoodie on amazon,with two day shipping for a fraction of,the price compared to what they would,pay for it on freaky pet and so what do,people say to that oh the customer can,get it cheaper elsewhere quicker that,makes your store a scam nope it does not,number one if it weren't for your,facebook ad the customer would never,have known about that product that they,really enjoyed getting in the first,place people really love this hoodie and,we're really grateful that it was,advertised to them and they bought it,you had to pay for that advertising to,do that which you pass on to the,customer amazon doesn't advertise,products customers have to find them,themselves and number two as an,entrepreneur you are in no way obligated,to offer your product for the lowest,price here are two coffee shops around,the corner from my apartment they are,across the road from each other i walked,into coffee shop a and bought my,favorite coffee a long black for three,dollars and yes i know that overseas the,phrase long black might conjure up some,different thoughts but here in new,zealand and over in australia too a long,black simply refers to pouring an,espresso shot over 100 to 120 mls of,boiling water to create a stronger,version of an americano with creamer,next i went into coffee shop b and again,order long black but this time it cost,four dollars completely different prices,for an extremely similar product and you,know what coffee shop a's three dollar,coffee was the best would you say that,coffee shop b is a scam for charging a,higher price for a worse version of this,coffee no you would not pricing is,entirely subjective and is actually,determined by the customer not you you,present the customer with the price and,it is up to them to decide if that price,is worth it or not and at the end of the,day if freaky pet are able to create a,marketing campaign that gets people to,purchase their hoodie for a higher price,while being entirely upfront about the,shipping times then they 100,deserve that sale 3. drop shipping is,saturated perhaps the most bizarre of,all the claims is that drop shipping is,dead and it's over since well it's,saturated and the truth is when i see,comments like this it blows my mind,because this comment literally makes no,sense here is what market saturation,literally is it's when a product has,been maximized in a market in other,words when all of the people who would,want that product have bought it already,and here is what drop shipping is drop,shipping is when a customer buys a,product that you've listed in your store,for a markup price when they do you go,to the manufacturer and you purchase,that one product for the wholesale price,and then have the

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Winning Products For Yoga Stores ("Forbidden Secret")

what's going on YouTube Wesley here and,today I'm gonna show you how to find,winning products for yoga stores whether,you have a physical or e-commerce store,so all you need to do right now is to,sign up below for my new course starting,at only 499 dollars and I'm totally,kidding guys I'm gonna teach you the,exact methods that these so-called gurus,use to scale their stores but what I'm,not going to do is rip you guys off and,I'm here to provide free content because,I want you guys to open a store of your,dreams and all I ask is that you smash,the like button below before we get this,video started and if you leave a comment,below writing add chill winners I'll,send you a list of my favorite winning,ecommerce products that I update every,week and no it doesn't link to a course,so don't worry now maybe you're just,getting started and you're not sure what,products to post that will do well or,maybe you try it out some products but,you just weren't getting any sales and I,used to absolutely hate that and I used,to hate it also when I saw the same,products in the competing store and that,little ringer who showing who purchased,that just kept going off every minute it,drove me crazy because I'd see them,making sales and when I go back to my,page and check my sales page it'd be an,absolute zero not a nothing there it's,it was so frustrating but don't worry,once you find out the process behind,finding winning products you'll already,have won half the battle and that's not,all I'm gonna show you my favorite,strategies for making sure I'm able to,test and scale my products for maximum,conversions because hey I've been there,back then there wasn't any guys like,this,and I kind of had to do a lot of trial,and error and there were times where I,legit had to hit the books like physical,books but once I figured things out my,sales began to absolutely skyrocket so,how does this work how does anything,work right but yeah so here we are in,Google Trends and if you haven't used,Google Trends before it basically shows,you all the basic trends you know high,high high high search rates that Google,has compiled around the world from,anybody using Google and it's updated,every second almost in real time so we,get the latest trends and things like,that so the thing with Google Trends is,on the surface level it might not look,so helpful because if you don't know,what you're doing but I'm gonna,show you guys the secrets to finding,winning products through Google Trends,so like I said I'm gonna help you guys,out with your yoga store right so first,off to start with something simple type,in yoga and then what we want to do here,is we want to actually narrow our search,tip down so we could either do 30 days,or 90 days let's be a little bit more,aggressive and try to find something,that's trending in in 30 days and four,categories if you want we can do,categories as well so for example we'll,do both and see what a difference it,makes so sports right yoga is kind of,like a sports thing and we'll see what's,trending so right here we have yoga mat,so yoga mats are trending here and I,think we all know why if you're you know,we're like a month and a half now into,this current situation and I'm sure for,it anybody down what likes to exercise,and stuff you thought about getting a,yoga mat and you probably went to Target,and there wasn't any yoga mats so I,could see why this is trending really,well right now so we can go and search,and it leads us to joga mats and you can,see that it's been you know it's been up,and down but that you know it's climbing,so and we could see where it's trending,and things like that so and as we come,down here it shows us more related,queries that we can use in our search so,we have yoga mats people are searching,for yoga mats and it's training that's,awesome so we have that noted so let's,go over to Aliexpress here and find a,winning product so just just simply type,in yoga mat into Aliexpress and here we,go so whether you have a physical store,or an e-commerce store or your drop,shipping this works for everything,because no matter what you do you want,fast shipping for your products so you,can narrow it down like that and you,want good products so let's do four,stars and up and maybe free shipping if,you don't mind paying for shipping but,let's do free shipping because you know,we want those you know lower product,cost and profit you want that great,profit margin and things like that so we,have that narrowed down fast shipping,free shipping and five-star products and,up and then we kind of kind of we can,kind of look and see which products we,feel would best,suit our landing page so you know kind,of look and browse through this if you,want but I check this one out earlier,and it looks like a pretty solid product,so as you can see it's $15 for us to,purchase it and we can kind of look,through and see you know it has these I,guess standing points markings and,things like that so that's awesome yeah,it seems legit right it's a yoga mat,it's non-slip let's go all the way down,and we can kind of see how it comes in a,yoga bag too and then yeah so it's a,pretty pretty solid product I mean has,good reviews and things like that so,this is definitely one of those winning,products so let's go back and we can,track down a few more of these so maybe,we want something that has these gel,pads on here and you know you don't,really see these in stores so this could,be a nice little niche we can get going,on yeah so so they have the mat and then,they have these I think you can use so,it's pretty cool it's like what they say,it's like an acupressure mat so it's,like massages um massages your body,while you do yoga um gets the flow going,or something like that,but looks legit it stands out it's,unique so definitely this would be a,product that we could potentially use,and as you remember yoga mats was,trending so that's awesome so the yoga,mats is one awesome winner so we have,yoga mats cool so let's go back and into,our search now and go back to yoga right,and let's say this time we didn't do,sports we did all categories we move,down and we can kind of look through,this and look at this yoga outfits is,trending and it's up by three hundred,and fifty percent so people see it,spiked recently and people are looking,at yoga outfits and if you kind of want,to see some don't forget um so if you,guys see like this up and down it might,look kind of sketchy but this is over,the course of a month,so obviously it's there's gonna be like,bout highs and lows throughout a month,and you know we're only like halfway to,do this month almost so don't think like,this is the whole time because if you,want to we can zoom out kind of and go,into past 12 months and as you can see,boom,it's it's a training product it's going,upward so that helps too if you guys,we're looking at the thing really like,it looks sketchy doesn't it's not really,rising it goes up and down it's because,we did a shorter time frame just to help,us find products that are on the,steadied climb up and not on the decline,so yoga outfits is a nice winner so,right here we have our searches set up,and we can just type in yoga outfits,boom there we go,alright so same thing applies here we,look at the reviews look at what they,have to offer and Dean such as that so,let's look at something with a high,review okay this one has a 5.0 review so,let's kind of check that out and,obviously I'm kind of going to it in a,fast paced way but I want you guys to,see how easy it is to find products that,work for your site obviously you might,have your own fashion sense and things,like that that you want for your website,so you apply that to your what website,you did the market research hopefully,beforehand so apply what you think will,best suit your website but let's say,this suits my website all right you know,I want to sell these products,it looks high-quality it looks,high-quality it has great reviews so we,can definitely add that to our sit

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Dropshipping 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

in this video revealing a step-by-step,tutorial for dropshipping what it is and,how complete beginners is earning 100 a,day to 700 a day with no experience more,than after the intro,[Music],hey guys how's it going mike lucille,here welcome to this video before we,actually remind you that selfless,possibly open up for this week's free,workshop sign up for it in the link,below we literally have a 62 year old,woman go from zero to 160 grand profit,in 90 days check it out below so i,remember when i first got started with,drop shipping i wanted more freedom in,my life but i just had no idea how and,you know there's so many odd jobs that i,was doing that i did not enjoy so i,tried finding ways to make money online,and it just seemed like all the ways to,make money online required some type of,money some type of time some type of,experience and here was i someone who's,like not the smartest person in the,world had none of that so i had no idea,where to start until i saw that drop,shipping was a business model that i,could essentially start with no money,down with no experience and even with no,tik skills and with that you know my,entire life changed i found one drop,shipping business model that went from,zero to a hundred dollars a day and then,i found another drop shipping business,model where you can see even on my blog,we want five grand the first month to,1.6 million dollars in sales that first,year with about like 20 to 30 profit,margins and like i said my entire life,changed i literally use that you found,time and money for you to just start,traveling on the world i mean you could,see me in all these places as well as,like teaching more people all around the,world like from thailand bali as well as,like las vegas all the ways that i've,learned how to make money online and if,you want to know by the way all of those,ways we have a 77 free chichi guide of,full tutorials in the links below and,like i said it just worked but for,people that are just getting started,they're like what is drop shipping how,do i get started with it um what are the,easiest ways for me to make my first,hundred dollars a day this is literally,what i would tell them so the first why,i made money with drop shipping was as,simple as this where you literally don't,need any time and any experience and i,literally was doing this 30 minutes a,day with no money down and that's,literally drop shipping on ebay you know,it's actually free to sign up for ebay,there's literally no risk and you only,buy the product after you already make a,sale so as you can see here's an example,of one of them this is 242,per sale for this bunk bed and you can,see 12 have been sold but you can see,this exact same product literally exists,on walmart for only 199,so what i did back in the day was like,literally 30 minutes a day i would just,spend my time copying pasting pictures,from walmart to ebay right and then when,someone ended up buying it for a higher,price i would literally take the,customer's money and their shipping,details and i would literally just buy,it at like on walmart as if i was a,customer and i would ship it directly to,them and people like what about the,returns well when we got returns we,literally would just ask walmart for the,return label we'd send it over to the,ebay customer and they would just send,it back to walmart right and this is,literally what we did over and over and,over again like if you really want to,get good at this you just go to see,other items,and you see all the other products that,they're for example selling like this,product right here um you know you have,this stik thingy right here as well as,like what else this thing has been sold,right here right and all i would,literally do back in day like if i was,going to go ahead and sell and dropship,something like this where literally 54,have been sold i would literally come,down here,go to the description,copy that and i kid you not just put,that into google,right well google will do will find the,product where they got it from and you,can see that they literally got it from,walmart and as you can see,it's literally here in walmart for 499,dollars right the next thing you could,do is literally just do the exact same,thing for this whatever hunter stik,thingy is right i'll literally just go,down to the description,copy that entire thing go over to google,again paste it and you can see again,look at this it's in stok 49 from,walmart i go ahead and click on this,and you can see that it's literally the,exact same product 49 dollars there and,then here it's 61 dollars there right so,you can see it's a little bit higher,right or you can even go to this disc,golf thing i can literally come down,here grab this entire thing go over to,walmart put that google thing right,there and you can see this literally,exists on,walmart as well as amazon right so you,can see look at this 59,and this exact same thing exists on like,uh ebay for 73 so that's literally one,of the first ways that i got to the,point where i was making a hundred,dollars a day with it and like like i,said it was just amazing,now the second thing that i did to make,money with drop shipping it's actually,this way that you see for example right,here when i went from zero to five grand,the first 30 days the 1.6 million that,first year was i was like okay i need to,go like it was very hard for me to scale,the first drop shipping business to pass,100 day right so i knew if i wanted to,make more money i had to go and find uh,places where i could control the traffic,and eyeballs going to my products and,stores so that's literally when i went,and created for example a shopify store,and it literally like i took the money,that i made from ebay and just started,throwing it into like shopify and,shopify is cool because it literally,takes like 39 to 29 bucks a month to go,ahead and run and you could see that you,can literally create an ecommerce store,in the next like five minutes or less,and all i did in the beginning was i,would take products like for example,products from aliexpress and i would,just start drop shipping them like crazy,to uh people that i was like selling,through like for example facebook ads,with shopify right whenever someone went,to my shopify store and buy it like say,for a pr like a grill map for 19.97,which is what we sold it for or you get,two for about like 40 bucks but it's,like with free shipping right uh which,people started buying just like four,like two in general to get the free,shipping uh we would just then take the,40 bucks that we made and we would buy,it at aliexpress for a lot cheaper we,like sorting things by orders and you,can see that your cost would literally,be as little as like a dollar for some,of these right and we would just ship it,directly to the customer and we would,pocket all that difference right now,after a while it got to a point where i,didn't want to use aliexpress anymore,because it's drop shipping from china,and it takes so long to actually get,there right so what i ended up doing is,i was like well i used ebay a lot in the,past what if i just like bought a grill,mat from ebay and shipped it directly to,the customer on shopify and i notiked,that it was a little bit more expensive,which at first i didn't enjoy because i,was like well i can get it so much,cheaper for you know um out from,aliexpress but then one day i literally,like especially around like for example,this area,around this area right here and actually,around this area right here i drop,shipped out of all of like the inventory,from china as weird as it sounds because,this is back in like 2015 when grill,mats weren't as popular to the chinese,suppliers where i was like i need to,literally go find another supplier i,literally have no choice so then i,started dropshipping them from ebay and,started dropshipping like crazy but then,they started coming from the us my,refund rates went down and then they got,to the customer in like three to five,business days uh

Do NOT Sell These Print On Demand Designs & Products... (MISTAKES Beginners Make)

hey there it's me Syria from home so Ted,one of the largest YouTube channels,dedicated to giving you actionable,advice on how to build a real,money-making business and today I'm,going to be warning you about five,different print-on-demand,items and designs that you should not,sell now some of these items have the,potential to lose you money because,they've also terribly and so if you try,to sell them especially if you try to,sell them using paid advertising you,risk making a big loss and other items,are ones that you should avoid because,they could potentially result in angry,customers merchants and even lawsuits,now yes all of this sounds scary but,don't worry if you follow the simple,advice that I'm going to give you in,this video you shouldn't have any issues,and actually some of these tips apply -,dropshipping - so if that's how you,primarily source your items or if you've,got a flex store and you're both drop,shipping and you're doing print on,demand you're gonna find some great drop,shipping tips in here as well,alright so Before we jump into what,these five products and designs are I,wanted to make this video a little bit,more interesting so what I'm going to do,is I'm gonna show you the first product,and when I do that you're gonna have,five seconds to figure out why you,should avoid it and if you get it right,you get two points yay all right so,here's the first product here this mug,created with the print oil demand,service print if a what is wrong with,the schmuck,you have 5 seconds go time is up alright,so the reason why you should avoid this,design and product because the phrase,lets get ready to rhumble is trademarked,by Michael buffer and this trademark has,made buffer an insane amount of money,thanks to its use in movies it's needed,him over 400 million dollars crazy right,and just a warning,buffer has been known to protect his,trademark aggressively and so if you use,it on a product that is illegal and you,do so at your own peril,but trademarks are actually quite,interesting something I get asked a lot,from people as this I know that using,copyrighted characters like say Darth,Vader from Star Wars is a no-no but what,about famous phrases Darth Vader said,like I am your father the answer well,sometimes you can sometimes you can't,you see trademark is very different from,copyright a copyright is a legal,protection on an original piece of,artwork so if you draw a picture or you,write a movie script those are,copyrighted copyrights are instantly,created when you make your piece of art,you don't have to do anything but,trademarks are different a trademark is,a legal protection over something that,identifies a brand or company the most,classic identifier for a brand or,company is their logo and so the Star,Wars logo is protected by a trade back,and the interesting thing about,copyrights,is that they are mostly universal most,countries will recognize a copyright by,default but trademarks are not universal,you have to file for your trademark in,each country that you want to protect,them so if your drop shipping you'll see,Chinese suppliers sometimes using famous,names sometimes they're breaking the,rules but sometimes they're not is no,trademark to protect them has been filed,in China but if it's filed in another,country you're selling to like the USA,it would still be illegal to dropship,and sell it there even if it was legal,to buy and sell it in China but that's,not all that Star Wars have trademarked,they were also filed to protect the,names of famous characters like Luke,Skywalker Princess Leia Han Solo and,course Darth Vader now they could have,also chosen to trademark small iconic,lines from the movies because while the,entire script as a whole is copyrighted,small individual lines in the movie like,I am your father need to be protected,with a trademark otherwise they come,under free speech as far as I'm aware,though there is no active trademark for,that phrase or any other lines from the,movies which is why a lot of print on,demand merchandise exists for it so yes,if you want to piggyback off of famous,IPs like movies and video games using,well-known catchphrases from them is a,great way to be able to do that just,make sure that those phrases don't,contain a trademark with thinit's so if,the characters said just like Luke,Skywalker you couldn't use that phrase,on a mic because even though the phrase,itself is not protected with the,trademark the name Luke Skywalker is and,I also recommend that before you use any,phrase in any print-on-demand,merchandise that you double check to see,if it is straight-backed because,sometimes phrases that you wouldn't have,expected have trademarks filed for them,for example did you know that Paris,Hilton trademarked the phrase that's hot,she even sued home a clover trademark,infringement with this card that they,made Hallmark tried unsuccessfully to,argue it was legally free speech and,they ended up settling out of court so,did you get it right if you did you win,ten points if you didn't get a right,though that's okay because we've got,more opportunities to win more points,and the next product is worth another,ten points so here is a t-shirt that,would be a mistake to design and sell,why do you think that is all right,five seconds go all right time is up the,reason why it would be a mistake to sell,and design this t-shirt,it is extremely extremely unoriginal,which is a death blow for,print-on-demand products you can't walk,two minutes around Manhattan without,seeing someone somewhere selling one of,these t-shirts it's one of the most,iconic t-shirts of all time and you,think that that would be a good thing,right,well it really really isn't you see,print-on-demand has some distinct,advantages and disadvantages compared to,its close cousin drop shipping and if,you don't know a drop shipping is it is,a business model that is very closely,aligned with print on demand and we,actually got free ebook which teaches,that the six tips at six-figure drop,shippers follow to make over $10,000 a,month and if you'd like to get that,ebook for yourself you can find a free,download link in the video description,below so one of the disadvantages that,print-on-demand has compared to drop,shipping is the profit margins with drop,shipping manufacturers are creating,products at mass scale and so thus,they're able to lower the price of the,product when they're selling it to you,but the print on demand though,manufacturing costs are higher than,usual since you're making just one at a,time so if you want to print a shirt,from print fi it's going to cost you,seven dollars and 73 cents to five,dollars and 95 cents a shirt the people,are mass producing I hat in YC shirts at,much lower manufacturing costs so you,can buy it super cheaply all over the,internet so selling a super popular,t-shirt that everyone already knows,through common knowledge that they can,get it cheaper elsewhere is a really,really bad idea unless you have a,special unique spin that you're putting,on it so yes print on demand has its,downsides but it also has its upsides,and one of those is that it lets you,target niches then no one else has,targeted before take the shirt that I've,shown before on this channel which is a,pug coffee shirt that is funnily enough,aimed at people that love both your,pokes and coffee because with a shirt,like this here you're targeting a,passionate niche that doesn't have many,options it means in that you can charge,a higher price to make up for the higher,manufacturing costs so you can easily,charge $14.95 or $19.95 or potentially,even more while still keeping your,conversions high so did you get it right,if so you can add 10,points to your total if you didn't get a,right though that's okay because we've,got another chance to win more points,and this time it's a pretty easy one to,be able to guess so we've already got,five points up for grabs this time all,right here is a t-shirt that would be,very very bad to sell why should you n

Top 10 Beauty Niche Winning Products for Shopify Dropshipping Business | Sell This Now 2022

hello everyone this is mawson and in,this video i am going to tell you what,are the top 10 beauty niche products for,shopify drop shipping which are hot,right now,so let us begin,number one,one step hair dryer and volumizer,are you tired of the long process of,drying and styling hair,this hair dryer brush dries and styles,your hair simultaneously delivering a,beautiful full-bodied result in less,time and causing less damage to your,hair,it also helps reduce freeze which is,caused by tangling of the strands and,evenly distributes heat across the brush,head and ensures protection for,overheating to prevent burns while,styling hair,number two acupressure yoga mat,this mat has massage nails and points,each with 27 pressure peaks to provide,acupuncture like therapy pain relief and,deliver beneficial health effects safely,and naturally this acupressure mat,provides you with complete relaxation,while reducing pain stress and tension,this massage set is lightweight and,portable also comes with a handy bag for,clean and easy storage please hit the,like button to appreciate the efforts,that we put to research the best,products for you guys and stik to the,end of the video for an amazing bonus,product,number three,easy french nail applicator,we all love classy quick ready nails in,a jiffy,the curve is built into the tool itself,for consistent smile lines and takes all,of the guesswork out of creating the,perfect french tip,tool flexes and forms by pinching or,flattening the applicator prior to each,use to better fit the curvature of the,nail,the tool will slowly return to its,neutral position for the next user,it is very quick and convenient to use,as directed,clean up with the cotton ball and nail,polish remover,or simply crack and peel prior to each,use to preserve fresh manicure,number four,portable smart cupping massager,are you looking for a more therapeutik,solution to reducing muscle pain,then this electric pulse cupping,massager will be your new best friend,utilizing similar cupping tiknology,which professional athletes use for,recovery this electric pulse cupping,massages effectively eliminates muscle,pain completely so you can feel yourself,again,by applying negative pressure to your,skin tissue this body cupping massage,therapeutikally shocks knots aches and,pain away,whether you're suffering from all day,tightness lingering soreness from a,workout or tension from a stressful job,this electric cupping massager eases you,back into your comfort zone,number,five aloe vera moisturizing lipstik,aloe vera is one of nature's best,moisturizers,aloe is soothing hydrating and it,repairs damaged skin,this clear jelly lipstik gives your,lips a pretty soft pink or rose red,shade,it changes color when it senses a,temperature change on your lips,it's a lip balm and lipstik all in one,with no harmful effects,a few seconds after application a slight,color change begins and gradually,intensifies to natural pink color,infused with moisturizing aloe vera are,protecting honey essence vitamin e and,jojoba seed oil which helps maintain the,lips hydration,number six,premium massage gun,this is a professional muscle treatment,and relaxation massage gun,it can help you relax and reduce pain,and soreness after a workout,this is also a great gift,if you need a very deep massage this is,the product for you,if you're working construction nursing,sports crossfit etc or work to make any,kind of lifting effort you need it,if you work hard you probably have back,pain and often the regular massage or,hand massage does not work then this,deep weapon massage will be enough for,you,[Music],number seven,natural rose gouache or massage scraper,the set includes two scraper tools that,are designed to be gentle on the skin,while removing dead skin cells and,debris from the surface of the skin,it also includes one gouache or stone,which can be used as an exfoliator or,for targeted pressure points around the,eyes chin cheeks forehead and nose,they will help you improve circulation,by opening up pores in your face with,its deep circular motion while improving,elastikity by encouraging lymphatik,drainage to remove toxins from your body,number eight,beard filling pen kit,is patchy beard making you,self-conscious,fill it upright using the beard filling,pen kit,it fills in the gaps in your mustache,beard and eyebrows for a sleeker and,cleaner look you can be confident in,the pen uses a four pronged micro fork,tip for creating hair like brush strokes,that seamlessly blend with your beard,it also comes with a soft bristle brush,to soften pen strokes into a more,natural look,it's sweat proof water resistant and,safe for all skin types,number nine,filler brow eyebrow stamp,save time each morning in doing your,brows with this filler brow eyebrow,stamp set,this brow filler is a full pigment water,and sweat resistant eyebrow permad,formula that helps fill in browse,perfectly in minutes,it's blendable and long-lasting formula,goes on smoothly to skin and hair,leaving a matte finish,comes with various most wanted brow,shaped stencils for a perfect brow every,time,[Music],number 10,double ended twisting comb,the double ended twisting comb creates,the coolest way to twist african,hairstyles,offers you two cool hairstyles whirlpool,or straight styles,suitable for both preparing go out or,sleep,create a fashion conscious sense with,your lustrous thick and coarse,hair especially suitable for afros curls,coils and dreadlocks,a woven square pattern is easier to,grasp and protects your hair from being,pulled,your hair of root will be gently cold,twisted,and now it's time for the bonus product,multifunctional facial lifting and,thinning face instrument,red infrared whey provides a hot,compress can promote blood circulation,enhance skin elastikity anti-aging,anti-oxidation skin repairing,blu-ray therapy can relieve skin,inflammation calm the skin clean and,sterilize the skin reduce acne wrinkles,and scars shrink pores,there are five optional modes including,automatik massage knead needle thrush,with red light alternating with blue,light therapy,it offers 10 vibration levels to help,relax facial muscles improve the,strength of micro muscles increase the,flexibility of the face fully lift and,tighten facial muscles and shape the,face,do comment down below which product you,like the most,thank you for watching and subscribe to,mawson for more such videos,[Music],you