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You Should Go Make More Money (Here's Why)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

You Should Go Make More Money (Here's Why)

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You Should Go Make More Money (Here's Why)

you've been told that money doesn't
matter yeah well me too
guess what we were lied to you ever hear
the classic phrase when you're growing
up by your parents teachers friends
family whoever it is that money doesn't
matter stop focusing on money stop
toking about money well guess what they
were wrong big-time right money does
matter how else you gonna pay for your
[ __ ] right you got bills you got food
you got a car payment rent maybe a
mortgage maybe have to take care of your
family whatever it is money is important
now the biggest thing that pisses me off
about people who say this is they call a
selfish right if you're out there trying
to make money which you should be that's
why everyone goes to work 9:00 to 5:00
every day am i right it's one sole
reason that's to make money to pay for
their stuff so if someone's gonna call
you selfish for trying to get more of it
so that you can do more things and help
more people that doesn't quite make
sense to me right if anything it's
selfish to not want to make more money
and not be toking about it because then
you can't take care of the people you
want to right you might only be able to
give $200 a week at church if that most
people can't afford anywhere near that
wouldn't you want to go in there and
drop a hunter grant cash why not why
would you not want to actually make a
real impact in the world nowadays money
is pretty much everything when it comes
to making an impact it's a lot harder to
do it without that so having money is
the best resource because then you can
leverage your time you can leverage
other people and their time and you can
do whatever you want right you can
actually change a world you can change
the world you can change everything the
situation of water in Africa schools in
Albania whatever you want to do money is
gonna give you that option you know you
can do it every moment that if you want
to go buy a Lamborghini and do it
they're fun I encourage it also do other
things you know don't necessarily need
to be selfish and do everything for
yourself but money is gonna give you the
option and that ability to go do other
things so if someone's gonna tell you oh
you're being selfish by trying to start
this business or go spending 14 16 18
hours a day trying to make more
money that's ridiculous because at some
point you logically have to go focus on
that I'm in the same position right now
and I have it for the last few months
right now I'm just trying to figure out
how to make more money that's it I'm
saving my money reinvesting my money
doubling down on what's working and
cutting out the things that aren't
working that includes both businesses
income streams and people right that's
not just toking about money everything
I'm trying to level up in life I'm
trying to make more money why not just
because of selfish reasons but because
I'm coming up with an age where I'm
gonna have to go to college I don't want
to do that I don't see it as necessary
so guess what my parents aren't gonna
pay for my stuff they could but they
wouldn't so I have to pay for my rent my
car I like cars I'm gonna get a cool car
let's pay for that right that's I mean I
accept that I'm willing to put the money
into that because for me that's
enjoyable right now in the parking
garage of 2017 BMW m4 full competition
package obviously I'm just out here in
Cali so I haven't thought and I'm just
renting but having that every single day
waking up and knowing that sitting down
there for you and no one else going to
grab breakfast in that it's a
game-changer people look people like it
people compliment it it makes people
smile and for me every single day when I
read down to my 10x planner from day one
I can show you it says genuinely smile
on my daily targets why is that I don't
want to put on a fake smile I want to
genuinely smile about something or
someone on a daily basis that to me is
something that most people don't do
every day and it's the cause of so much
stress unhappiness and just all the big
mushy [ __ ] and problems in their lives
so for me whether it's just going super
fast playing a great song with someone I
care about that to me will put a genuine
smile on my face while I'm driving down
PCH looking at a beautiful sunset in a
nice car whatever it is do something
that makes you smile for me it can be
cars that's just one thing traveling
being with the right people having a
business deal go through helping someone
something that just makes you smile
makes you feel good
do that every single day but back on the
topic of money right how can you
logically tell me after hearing this and
just thinking for yourself which
unfortunate most people don't do how can
you tell me that money doesn't matter it
does how you gonna pay for your stuff
right most people are never able to take
care of their family you know the way
they antikipated or the way they wanted
to and that's selfish so start focusing
on the money at some point right you
don't have to completely 100% be focused
on the money be rude to everyone else
and cut things out I've made that
mistake I've had to do that and
logically at some point you will have to
do that to a degree and you have to be
mentally and physically strong enough to
make that happen it's not easy right it
sucks it's never fun entrepreneurship is
not as glamorous as it looks and you
don't even have to be an entrepreneur by
the way let me back and take a full step
back you do not have to be an
entrepreneurs trying to focus on making
more money whether it's doing the right
things networking with the right people
to get a raise or a higher position in
your company whatever it is whatever
goal you have to do a thing you have to
do to make more money and level up do it
right at some point you're gonna have to
do that because you're gonna need that
increase in money whether you're
starting a family
you got married whatever it is you want
to pay for cool things you don't want to
miss out on experiences in life because
you don't have the money right almost
nobody ever gets to drive an exotik car
let alone own one have multiple have one
in each garage at their multiple homes
be traveling on private jets whatever it
is and that's just the materialistik
stuff which trust me it's really really
fun and it's worth it so go get it but
again you can't tell me that money
doesn't matter when I'm seeing all these
people struggling and that is the number
one reason why money what's the number
one cause of divorce money right you
trying to screw up a relationship with
someone you love
or something as simple as money which
there is basically an unlimited amount
of infinite amount of money you can go
get there is no cap obviously to a
degree but no you can just go make as
much as you want right the world the
money goes around cash flow you can tap
into that use your little straw get a
big straw make a ton of money whatever
it is you want to do
don't let money hold you back from doing
something living the life you want to
live or being the person you want to be
so to everyone that ever told me money
doesn't matter stop focusing on it
yourself is you're a bad person okay
great I'm gonna block you on snapchat
maybe I won't cuz I want you to see my
life in a few years it doesn't matter to
me I know what's important what my goals
are what I want out of life and if you
are very clear on that as well and you
don't want any money to your name go for
it god bless you go live your life right
but don't judge someone else don't try
and say things especially when they're
not true you know money matters you get
up every single day at 8 a.m. get to
work by 9:00 you work until 5:00 light
traffic on the way home for one sole
purpose and that is to make money right
it doesn't even it's it's money
it literally okay it's just there it's a
tool it's like a grant it just do things
right having that there knowing oh my
god if my credit card gets declined to
have cash or have other cards it doesn't
even matter having that freedom to be
able to know that you have the money you
can do whatever you want if you want to
go treat your girl your guy to a nice
restaurant go do that go have fun with
it if you want to go on a boat go
skydiving by a dirt bike whatever the
hell you want to do in life go do it it
really doesn't matter don't let money be
the one thing that holds you back I hope
you guys all have a great day

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