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YouTube Gathering in Las Vegas!!! HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

YouTube Gathering in Las Vegas!!! HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!

The above is a brief introduction to YouTube Gathering in Las Vegas!!! HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!.

Let's move on to the first section of YouTube Gathering in Las Vegas!!! HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!!

YouTube Gathering in Las Vegas!!! HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!

startTime durationTime text
00:00:00 00:00:12 King human youtubers King human here and
00:00:09 00:00:16 I wanted to make a quick video about
00:00:12 00:00:18 this whole thing evidently there's a
00:00:16 00:00:21 YouTube meeting coming up in New York
00:00:18 00:00:25 kind of a gathering of youtubers in New
00:00:21 00:00:27 York well listen there are a lot of us
00:00:25 00:00:29 that are on the west coast or are way
00:00:27 00:00:33 too far away from New York to make that
00:00:29 00:00:37 even though we would like but holy crap
00:00:33 00:00:42 that tough you know hey I can't make it
00:00:37 00:00:45 so this is what I propose all the
00:00:42 00:00:48 youtubers that can't make it to New York
00:00:45 00:00:53 even the ones that can are invited I'm
00:00:48 00:00:57 calling a meeting in Las Vegas holy crap
00:00:53 00:01:00 las vegas for halloween think of the
00:00:57 00:01:03 video opportunities there oh my god it's
00:01:00 00:01:05 gonna be a blast and i mean it is a
00:01:03 00:01:08 blast i go to vegas for halloween every
00:01:05 00:01:13 year and it is wicked cool so i
00:01:08 00:01:15 challenge you to be there and if you get
00:01:13 00:01:18 serious i'm giving you enough advance
00:01:15 00:01:21 notike now so that you can save up your
00:01:18 00:01:25 green chip stamps whatever the hell you
00:01:21 00:01:28 gotta do to make it drive there fly
00:01:25 00:01:30 there I don't care hitchhike crawl
00:01:28 00:01:34 whatever you gotta do it's gonna be
00:01:30 00:01:37 wicked cool so you got enough advance
00:01:34 00:01:40 notike now so you have no excuse not to
00:01:37 00:01:43 be there we're gonna be there for like
00:01:40 00:01:48 the week before halloween because every
00:01:43 00:01:51 night every club has a costume party and
00:01:48 00:01:54 then on halloween night it's the big
00:01:51 00:01:56 bash so we'll be there for like three or
00:01:54 00:01:59 four nights before halloween and then
00:01:56 00:02:01 halloween so put that on your calendar
00:01:59 00:02:02 right now and start thinking about it
00:02:01 00:02:05 and
00:02:02 00:02:08 you don't think it's fun in Las Vegas on
00:02:05 00:02:13 Halloween just check out these pictures
00:02:08 00:02:15 of me in Vegas last year for Halloween
00:02:13 00:02:20 and you tell me you don't want to go
00:02:15 00:02:26 check these out now oh my god this is
00:02:20 00:02:31 such fun oh yeah I remember that Hey Wow
00:02:26 00:02:34 okay you know hey it's Las Vegas you're
00:02:31 00:02:37 not supposed to tell but I'm telling you
00:02:34 00:02:41 youtubers you've gotta be there it is
00:02:37 00:02:44 such wicked cool fun on Halloween and I
00:02:41 00:02:49 am really gonna get decked out this year
00:02:44 00:02:52 I'm going balls to the wall so again
00:02:49 00:02:55 Halloween in Las Vegas and if you guys
00:02:52 00:02:58 are serious about it email me and I'll
00:02:55 00:03:00 start compiling a list and maybe I'll be
00:02:58 00:03:02 able to get us a group rate at the
00:03:00 00:03:04 mandalay vague they always seem to treat
00:03:02 00:03:07 me really well there and it's a wicked
00:03:04 00:03:10 cool hotel go look them up and see what
00:03:07 00:03:12 they're look them up online and see all
00:03:10 00:03:15 the stuff they got going on there it's a
00:03:12 00:03:18 wicked cool place house of blues all
00:03:15 00:03:20 that crap fun fun fun okay spread this
00:03:18 00:03:23 video to all the other youtubers and
00:03:20 00:03:27 sign on cuz this is gonna be wicked cool
00:03:23 00:03:29 okay sign our people be there or be
00:03:27 00:03:29 square
00:03:32 00:03:45 by travelpod member

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