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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



people King human here and I want to
tok to you about something I find kind
of serious
and it all starts from a comment that
was made on my youtube channel page
by a girl who said she got kicked off of
YouTube because she's black so I went
and I looked at her her channel and I
looked at her video page her new channel
and her new video page and she had a
video up toking about her getting
kicked off of YouTube and she cries a
few crocodile tears and you know I mean
the whole thing is very Chris Crocker to
me you know it it looks really fake now
I don't know if it is or I don't know if
it isn't you know there's a lot of drama
trolls out here that do nothing but
troll for drama on YouTube I don't know
if that's that situation or not I just
want to address the issue because I
watched her video and in her video she
says nothing about racism you know she
in fact she says YouTube just shut off
my channel they didn't tell me why they
didn't give me any reasons so you know I
found it really offensive and I always
find it offensive when somebody claims
racism or sexism or religious
persecution because they just don't get
what they want there's it's not that
there's any evidence that that actually
happened they just make that assumption
hey I didn't get what I want therefore
it must be racism and that really pisses
me off and I'll tell you why because
when people do that when people just
immediately play that race card without
having any justification or any basis in
fact it really cheapens the real racist
issues that are out there and they're
out there there's racism out there it
still happens there
there's lots of discrimination there's
lots of judgmentalism going on you can
see it on YouTube every day it's out
there but when people that are dealing
with things that aren't racism claim it
to be racism that's when it just really
cheapens the whole thing for everybody
for the real people that are dealing
with real racial issues or real
discriminatory issues because you're
throwing it out there on a wholesale
level everybody hey I didn't get what I
want it's racism it's sexism it's
religious persecution I didn't get what
I wanted so it must be it must be racism
no I mean that's a ridiculous it's
ridiculous and it's insulting to
everybody who has a real claim a real
racist issue going on
so think think before you do stupid crap
like that I mean it's just ridiculous
just think about what you're doing you
know it all right I I don't even know
what more to say about it it just gets
me upset just to think about it
yes I've been a victim of persecution
racism religious persecution you know
nothing real bad but you know enough to
where I get pissed off when I see people
trying to exploit racism sexism
religious persecution any of those for
their own gain it's just exploitive and
it's ridiculous so I'm interested to
hear what you think about the subject
stay on topic don't be a hater because
I'm I'll just delete you and you know to
remove your comments you know if you're
trolling for drama go somewhere else
this isn't about drama this is about
real issues that real people have to
face if you're just trying to play drama
to promote yourself on YouTube don't
bother I think gonna happen here there
you have it
agree disagree just be genuine with your
comments keep it real and I'll be
toking out to people sayonara

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