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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

YouTube, one of the world's largest video sharing platforms, has been accused of being racist by many people. While the company denies these allegations, there are several examples of videos being demonetized or removed due to perceived racial bias.


1. Racial Bias in Demonetization:

- Many creators have reported their videos being demonetized without clear reasons.

- This is often seen as a way for YouTube to censor content that may be deemed too controversial or sensitive.

- However, some creators believe that their videos were demonetized due to racial bias.

2. Racial Bias in Removal:

- Similarly, many videos have been removed from YouTube due to violations of the platform's guidelines.

- However, some creators argue that their videos were removed due to racial bias.

- For example, videos featuring Black people or addressing issues of racial justice have been removed, while similar videos featuring white people remain on the platform.

3. Lack of Diversity:

- YouTube has also been criticized for its lack of diversity among its staff and leadership.

- This can contribute to a lack of understanding and empathy towards diverse communities and issues.

- Without diverse perspectives, it can be difficult for YouTube to address issues of racial bias and discrimination.

4. Impact on Creators:

- For creators who rely on YouTube as a source of income, demonetization and removal can have a significant impact on their livelihoods.

- Additionally, the perception of racial bias on the platform can discourage diverse creators from sharing their content on YouTube.

While YouTube denies being racist, the platform's actions have led many people to question its commitment to diversity and inclusion. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact of racial bias and discrimination, it is important for platforms like YouTube to take a more proactive approach to addressing these issues. By listening to diverse voices and working to promote inclusion, YouTube can become a more welcoming and supportive platform for creators of all backgrounds.


Hey there, it's people King human here and I want to talk about a serious issue that has been brought to my attention. It all started from a comment made on my YouTube channel page by a girl who claims she got kicked off of YouTube because she's black.

The Issue:

After looking at her channel and video page, I found a video where she talks about her getting kicked off of YouTube and crying a few crocodile tears. However, she doesn't mention anything about racism. I find it offensive when people claim racism or any other form of discrimination just because they didn't get what they want.

Why It's Offensive:

When people play the race card without any basis in fact, it cheapens the real racial issues that are out there. There is still racism and discrimination in the world, but when people claim it without any justification, it undermines the real issues that people are facing.

Think Before You Speak:

It's important to think before you make accusations of racism, sexism, or religious persecution. Exploiting these issues for personal gain is not acceptable, and it's insulting to those who are dealing with real issues.

Let's keep the conversation about real issues and not play the drama card. If you have a genuine comment or opinion, feel free to share it. Let's keep it real and respectful. Sayonara!

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