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youtube is starting run ads shorts

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

A few months ago, YouTube announced that they would start allowing advertisers to run ads on YouTube shorts placements. In this article, we will cover how to run ads on YouTube shorts step by step.

Steps to Run Ads on YouTube Shorts:

1. Set up a Google Ads account.

2. Click the New Campaigns button and create a new campaign.

3. Select either Sales or Leads and set your conversion action.

4. Select Videos and give your campaign a name.

5. Set your bidding strategy, daily budget, and network.

6. Choose your location, language, content exclusions, and inventory types.

7. Set a specific targeting for devices, opting out of all but mobile phones.

8. Enter a URL for a short video.

9. Add final URL and headlines, then create the campaign.


- Be aware that this is still in beta and may not guarantee showing up only in the shorts placement.

- Double-check that devices are at a negative 100 bit adjustment to avoid showing on unwanted devices.

By following these steps, you can make your videos eligible and qualified to show up inside YouTube shorts. Let us know in the comments if you are running YouTube shorts ads and having success with them.

Create A YouTube Short Video Ads Campaign on Google Ads

How to Create a YouTube Short Ad Campaign

In this video, I am going to show you how to create a YouTube short ad campaign.

Step 1: Go to AdWords Campaign

- Open Google Ads

- Click on Video Campaigns or start a new campaign

Step 2: Customize the Campaign

- Click on Campaign without Guidance

- Select Video and hit Continue

- Name the campaign and set the budget

- Target your audience by location and language

- Exclude inventory types that are not relevant

Step 3: Create the Video Ad

- Select the video ad format

- Choose a skippable ad format

- Target mobile devices only

- Set demographics for the target audience

- Add a landing page and tracking information

Creating a YouTube short ad campaign is easy with the right steps. By targeting the right audience and creating an engaging video ad, you can successfully promote your brand on this platform. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

💣 Google Ads UPDATE: Run Ads on YouTube Shorts

How to Get Your Ads in YouTube Shorts: A Secret Beta Revealed

Are you looking to get your ads featured in YouTube shorts? If so, there's a new beta that might be of interest to you. In this article, we'll discuss the details of this secret beta and how you can take advantage of it.


- The new beta is not necessarily a beta within Google's interface, but rather within Google's placements.

- It requires you to run a video action campaign with an automated conversion-based bidding strategy.

- If you upload a shorts video to YouTube and meet the above criteria, the beta will allow your video to qualify for shorts.

- The video must be in vertical format and have a short URL.

- You should only target mobile devices to qualify for shorts.

- The beta does not work by simply targeting the shorts network.

Getting your ads in YouTube shorts just got easier with this secret beta. By following the criteria outlined above, you can take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your brand and reach a wider audience. So, what are you waiting for? Start testing and see what works best for your campaign!

Why Small Channels Should Start Posting YouTube Shorts Immediately!

Why You Should Start Posting YouTube Shorts Today

- YouTube Shorts is becoming a popular platform for creators to showcase their content.

- In this article, we will discuss why YouTube creators should start posting shorts and how to get started.

Why You Should Start Posting YouTube Shorts Today:

- YouTube Shorts have insane discoverability, helping creators do in months what used to take years.

- YouTube is going all in on Shorts, with expanded monetization options, new features, profit sharing for creators, and a massive music library.

- YouTube Shorts are low in competition and high in opportunity, leading to faster growth and visibility for creators who start now.

- Once the partner program kicks into effect on Shorts, many big TikTokers are expected to come over.

- Posting Shorts will 100% benefit your long-form videos, as the algorithm is recommending long-form videos to viewers who watched your channel through Shorts.

- YouTube has plans to strengthen the bridge between short-form and long-form videos, so if you're posting both, you're going to get more views on your long-form videos.

- Todd, the guy at YouTube who directs the team responsible for search and Discovery, recommends leaning into the Shorts feature.

- Start now and get your act together, so you're ready when Shorts become more competitive.

How to Get Started with YouTube Shorts:

- Look for the most replayed portions of your video or interesting moments that resonate with your audience and repurpose them as Shorts.

- Use the retention graph to find moments in the video where retention spikes, indicating viewers were particularly interested in that part of the video.

- Scrub through your comment section, looking for time stamps that viewers found funny or helpful or moments that generated the most conversation.

- Your viewers will feed you the content ideas for your Shorts.

- Remember that a great occasion is worth to a man exactly what his preparation enables him to make of it.

- Posting YouTube Shorts is a great way to get your content seen and discovered by a larger audience.

- Start now and get your act together, so you're ready when Shorts become more competitive.

- Remember, a great occasion is worth to a man exactly what his preparation enables him to make of it.

NEW YouTube Shorts MONETIZATION Policy for 2023

YouTube Short Monetization: Everything You Need to Know to Get Paid

YouTube short monetization is changing forever. Here's everything you need to know to get paid on your YouTube shorts.


- The YouTube Shorts Creator fund will be coming to an end in Spring of 2023 and will be replaced with YouTube ads for shorts and YouTube super thanks.

- YouTube super thanks for shorts is already being rolled out to existing YouTube partners and everyone in the YouTube Partner program will be eligible for YouTube super thanks on their YouTube shorts as well as YouTube shorts ad revenue.

- YouTube shorts ads will be rolled out to everyone who is already in the YouTube Partner program and qualifies. You won't have to do anything else or meet new requirements if you're already in the YouTube Partner program.

- Shorts content creators will have an alternative path to monetization. You can go the traditional route and get the 4,000 hours of watch time and the 1,000 subscribers, or you can go the shorts creator route and get the 1,000 subscriber requirement and 10 million shorts views in 90 days.

- YouTube is creating a lower tier of YouTube monetization called YouTube fan funding. With YouTube fan funding, you will qualify for YouTube super thanks, super chats on live streams, super stickers, and YouTube channel memberships.

- YouTube shorts ad revenue will have a 45/55 split with creators getting 45 percent. The ad revenue will be a pool among everybody viewed in a shorts viewing scroll session.

- Music playing on these YouTube shorts will still allow these videos to be monetized with ads. You can use up to 60 seconds of music just like on other platforms.

If you're already in the YouTube Partner program, you're set to make money from your YouTube shorts. If not, you'll need to reach the requirements to start making money from your content. Stay tuned for more updates and information on YouTube short monetization.

New YouTube Monetization Rules Announced - How To Monetize YouTube Shorts and Videos in 2023

YouTube Monetization: Changes to the Game

YouTube has changed its monetization rule, bundling YouTube Shorts into the mix, and this is changing the game. For the last five years, YouTube has gated the YouTube Partnership Program behind a moderately high wall of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. However, now, with this new arrangement, they will be allowing us to monetize shorts better than just the monetary fund.

Key Points:

1. YouTube has expanded the amount of places they can place advertisements.

2. You can monetize your channel if you have 10 million views on YouTube Shorts within a 90-day period.

3. This allows them to place advertisements before a short video.

4. This also allows them to post more adverts in a vertical format.

5. There could be an 8-12% uptick on click-through rates for advertisers.

The changes to YouTube monetization offer new opportunities for creators to start making money from their hobby. While some may worry about the influx of spam bots or the potential for a reduction in CPM rates, others see this as a chance to build their audience and make a living doing what they love. Overall, the expansion of monetization opportunities on YouTube is a positive development for creators and advertisers alike.

AI Makes $1,000 Per Day With YouTube Shorts (STARTING FROM ZERO)

Hey guys, Chase Strainer here! Today, we're going to discuss how you can make a thousand dollars a day with AI on YouTube shorts, even if you've never made a single dollar online before. I'll show you how to start from scratch and scale up if you decide to invest in this system.

Promoting Tools

First, we'll start by promoting some tools that we can get paid to promote for free. You can find a variety of options to promote in a free checklist at scarytoolbots.com. This checklist is perfect for those who don't have any money to invest in building their own tools. Pick a tool that you like and promote it. For example, you can promote Jasper AI.

Earning Without Doing the Work

Now, here's where things get interesting. We have been testing a strategy that allows you to earn money without doing much work. You don't have to make a video or worry about traffic. You can use automation and AI to do it all for you.

Live Classes

Before we dive deeper into this strategy, I want to mention that we have live classes that I highly recommend joining. You can find them at fortunebots.com. The price will go up soon, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

Building Short Form Content

To start getting some traffic, I recommend building some short form content. You can find some good examples on YouTube by searching for the tool you want to promote. For example, search for Jasper AI and filter the results to videos under four minutes long. Replicate one of these videos and upload it to your own channel.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The best part about this strategy is that it's not just for promoting tools. You can use these robots for anything. Sell affiliates, services, or promote your videos. The possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, making a thousand dollars a day with AI on YouTube shorts is possible, even if you've never made a single dollar online before. Start by promoting tools that you can get paid to promote for free. Use automation and AI to do the work for you. Build short form content and upload it to your own channel. Join our live classes at fortunebots.com and start earning today!

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